Concrete Additives, Agents & Formwork Treatments

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    DaraSet 580C

    DaraSet 580C accelerates cement hydration, resulting in shortened setting times and increased early compressive strengths.

    The material does not contain calcium chloride and is completely non-corrosive to reinforcing steel, metal decks, and to all metal components of admixture storage and dispensing systems.

  • TDA

    TDA Quality Improvers are a family of cement additives that improve the strength or other performance characteristics of cement.

    They are aqueous compositions of grinding aids with set accelerating, water reducing or strength enhancing compounds, all carefully controlled and accurately blended for constant quality and optimum performance.

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    Preco X-POZ-R

    Preco X-POZ-R As the concrete cures, the retarder temporarily halts the set of the concrete at the surface.

    Controlled penetration delays the set of the surface only and allows the mass of concrete underneath to harden normally. The next day, the retarded surface concrete is brushed or washed away.

  • rbs Bluelease QD

    rbs Bluelease QD is specially blended to give optimum release resulting in high class concrete finishes from most types of formwork.

    rbs Bluelease QD  is extremely economical due to the large coverage rates achieved when applied by spray equipment. It is recommended for difficult and intricate casting work.

  • Natural-Cement-Grout-105

    Grout 105

    Grout 105 is resistant to chloride penetration consisting of a blend of natural cement based binder, specially selected dried graded aggregates all passing a 3500 micron sieve and retarders.

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    ADVA Floor 200

    ADVA Floor 200 is designed to impart neutral set and improvements in finishing properties to concrete, enabling placement of concrete and powerfloating operations to be carried out more easily.

    ADVA Floor 200 is based on a synthetic carboxylated polymer and is manufactured under closely controlled conditions to give a consistent product.

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    HEA2 is one of the most effective dispersants yet developed for use as a grinding aid/pack set inhibitor for portland cement and other hydraulic cements.

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    Conplast AE380

    Conplast AE380 is a chloride free air entraining admixture based on synthetic surfactant materials.

    It is supplied as a colourless solution which instantly disperses in water. The product acts at the interface between the mixing water and cement/aggregate particles to produce microscopic air bubbles, which are evenly distributed throughout the concrete.

  • SikaTop 77

    SikaTop 77 is added to water then mixed with cement and sand/aggregate to produce:

    Bond coat/slurry.
    Pourable micro concrete.
    Screeds with enhanced mechanical properties.

  • Everbuild-203-Accelerator-&_Frostproofer

    203 Accelerator & Frostproofer

    203 Accelerator & Frostproofer is effective even in sub-zero temperatures and can also be used in normal temperatures where a rapid set is required and as a plugging admixture.

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    ADVA 115

    ADVA 115 superplasticiser is a high range water-reducing admixture designed to impart extremely high workability to readymixed concrete and to yield excellent workability retention to enable large or difficult pours to be made.

    ADVA 115 superplasticiser is synthetic based and is manufactured under closely controlled conditions to give a consistent product.

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    Pieri Aquarol P-31

    Pieri Aquarol P-31 ensures positive separation of concrete and production pallet when blocks are removed for palletisation.

    The material enables the easy cleaning of the boards and provides improved safety conditions for the operative.