Concrete Refurbishment & Protection

  • Everbuild-203-Accelerator-&_Frostproofer

    203 Accelerator & Frostproofer

    203 Accelerator & Frostproofer is effective even in sub-zero temperatures and can also be used in normal temperatures where a rapid set is required and as a plugging admixture.

  • Everbuild-207-Zeromix-C.F.F.

    207 Zeromix CFF

    207 Zeromix CFF

  • Everbuild-501-PVA-Bond

    501 PVA Bond

    501 PVA Bond has been designed specifically for use in the building industry as a general purpose bonding agent, and additive for concrete and plasters and as a multi-use adhesive.

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    505 Plasterers Gripcoat

    505 Plasterers Gripcoat

  • The official logo of Everbuild

    507 Rendagrip

    507 Rendagrip

  • Anti Carbonation Paint

    Anti Carbonation Paint features a micro-porous structure within the coating that works to act as a barrier to the ingress of Chlorides and Carbon Dioxide and other acid gases, but allows the passage of water vapour from the substrate.

    The elastomeric nature of Anti Carbonation Paint ensures good crack bridging properties, in case of structural movement.

  • Aquatek Plug XS

    Aquatek Plug XS is a fast setting plugging mortar with extended set time.

  • ARDEX-A45

    Ardex A45

    Ardex A45 is a rapid drying and hardening, slump free mortar for internal repairs. The mixed mortar sets after 15 minutes and can be trafficked after just 11/2 hours regardless of thickness at 20°C.

  • ARDEX-A46

    Ardex A46

    Ardex A46 is ideal for the rapid repair and refacing of concrete surfaces.

    The material should only be used for the non-structural repair of concrete.

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    Belzona 4111

    Belzona 4111 is a fast curing, 3-part epoxy repair composite designed for repair, resurfacing and protection of concrete and stone.

    This material provides outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance and protection from environmental attack, simplifying maintenance procedures.

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    Belzona 4131

    Belzona 4131 is a non-porous, 2-part epoxy repair composite designed for resurfacing and protecting large areas of concrete, stone and many other surfaces.

  • The official logo of Belzona

    Belzona 4141

    Belzona 4141 is a lightweight epoxy repair composite for rebuilding damaged vertical and overhead concrete and masonry surfaces.