Concrete Refurbishment & Protection

  • Five star repair concrete

    Five Star Repair Concrete

    Five Star Repair Concrete fully complies with the Highways Agency Specification for Highway Works and Department of Transport specification BD 27/86 for a high strength flowing concrete.

    Five Star Repair Concrete contains non-reactive aggregates and a low soluble alkali cement content. The repair concrete can be applied to a range of thicknesses, minimum 15 mm.

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    Nitocote SN511

    Nitocote SN511 is used for penetrating treatment designed to protect concrete from both water and chloride ingress whilst still permitting water vapour transmission (breatheability).

  • rbs Epoxy Mortar LW

    rbs Epoxy Mortar LW provides excellent resistance to impact and abrasion in chemically aggressive environments.

    It has low slump characteristics, making it suitable for the repair of concrete on vertical and overhead applications.

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    Sikadur 31 PBA Rapid

    Sikadur 31 PBA Rapid is formulated specifically for the external bonding of structural plate reinforcement to concrete and cast iron substrates.

    Additional corrosion protection to mild steel plates is provided by Icosit EG1.

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    Belzona 4181

    Belzona 4181 is a 3-part epoxy repair composite designed for the repair, resurfacing and protection of concrete and stone subject to impact, abrasion, heat and chemical attack.

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    SikaWrap 300A

    SikaWrap 300A is used to strength of reinforced concrete structures, brickwork and timber to increase flexural and shear load capacity.

    SikaWrap-300 A is a unidirectional woven aramid fibre fabric for the wet application process.


    Opti-Mix 3-In-1 Render Additive

    Opti-Mix 3-In-1 Render Additive is designed specifically for use with renders.
    It waterproofs, plasticises and retards has a controlled dosage, a consistent mix design and is easy to use with no waste. 1 litre is equivalent to 25 litres of standard product.

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    weber.tec filler

    weber.tec filler is a two-component polyester resin compound used for small non-structural repairs.

    Rapid set coupled with low shrinkage and good sanding properties make this an outstanding material for a wide range of repair work.


    Monolevel FC

    Monolevel FC is an engineering quality fairing coat for filling minor blow holes and defects, and for repairing surface imperfections.

    Thin screed applications can be used to level both vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces to provide a fair faced finish.

  • Renderoc LA

    Renderoc LA is supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powders requiring only the site addition of clean water to produce a free-flowing, shrinkage compensated micro-concrete suitable for large volume concrete repairs at nominal thicknesses in excess of 50 mm.

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    Sika Armorex Armorcrete

    Sika Armorex Armorcrete can also be used for: 

    Shuttered repairs to structural concrete

    Machine bases
    Stanchion bases
    Crane rails
    Pre-cast elements
    Void filling up to 200mm thick

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    Nanocrete AP Primer

    Nanocrete AP Primer is an active primer, not only reinstates a high pH environment it also contains active corrosion inhibiting additives for the protection of reinforcement steel.