Concrete Refurbishment & Protection

  • weberfloor DPM

    weberfloor DPM is a highly moisture tolerant, epoxy resin damp proof system, especially designed to bond to concrete surfaces even when the concrete is still drying out and containing a high degree of moisture.

  • weberfloor 4716

    weberfloor 4716 primer is a styrene acrylate dispersion which can be diluted with water and is intended for use with Weber’s flooring products.

    weberfloor 4716 does not contain ammonia. It offers good alkali resistance and adhesion properties in both wet and dry environments.

  • The official logo of FOSROC

    Renderoc HB45

    Renderoc HB45 high performance, fibre reinforced, medium weight mortar (R4) has been specifically engineered for vertical and overhead repair work.

  • weber.cem spray DSF

    weber.cem spray DSF contains alkali resistant glass fibres.

    It has been designed to give higher tensile and flexural strengths, increased resistance to impact and abrasian, reduced rebound and to minimise application thickness.

    The fibres help to reduce shrinkage cracking.

  • weber.tec aquapel crème

    weber.tec aquapel crème is an aqueous, water-based creamy, silane based water repellent.

    weber.tec aquapel crème is designed to penetrate deeply into the concrete so as to afford optimum protection against absorption of water and pollutants as well as freeze/thaw cycles.

  • Aquatek Plug XS

    Aquatek Plug XS is a fast setting plugging mortar with extended set time.

  • A CAD drawing of RonaBond Masonry Coating WB.

    RonaBond Masonry Coating WB

    RonaBond Masonry Coating WB is for internal and external decorative coatings and protective maintenance. It can be applied to suitably prepared building surfaces including concrete and render. It has high opacity, is quick drying for same day recoating and is easy to use. It is water-based with low odour and is non-flammable.

    RonaBond Masonry Coating WB is ideally suited to wall, beam and soffit application in car parks to provide protection to concrete and improve overall appearance, light balance and reflection.

  • A CAD drawing of RonaBond Crack Bridging Anti-Carbonation Coating WB..

    RonaBond Anti Carbonation Coating WB

    RonaBond Anti Carbonation Coating WB is for use on vertical surfaces, soffits and at DPC level. It is particularly suited for application on surfaces behind which water may be trapped and must be allowed to pass through. It can be applied to external walls and facades and protects against water, carbon dioxide, frost and weathering.

    RonaBond Anti-Carbonation Coating WB is flexible and non-elastomeric, capable of bridging static and hairline cracks and is available in more than 300 colours.

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    RonaBond Crack Bridging Anti-Carbonation Primers

    The RonaBond Crack Bridging Anti-Carbonation Primers individual properties are designed to suit the substrate to which it is being applied.

    They include penetrating and stabilising primers for use on unstable and eroded surfaces such as old friable render, for use on new surfaces including concrete, renders, levelling mortars and repairs and on dense impervious surfaces such as tiles and mosaics.

    Some can be applied to previously painted surfaces, eliminating time consuming removal of previous paints.

  • A CAD drawing of RonaBond FC for Prison Cells.

    RonaBond FC for Prison Cells

    RonaBond FC for Prison Cells is applied as a skim coat in thicknesses up to 3mm to provide a smooth, hard finish to damaged, blemished and repaired concrete surfaces.

    RonaBond FC for Prison Cells is used as a levelling mortar prior to the application of protective coatings and paints. It can also be used to give a “harder than plaster” finish to walls in, for example, prisons and detention centres.

    The material is supplied in preblended form which can be mixed by hand or machine in small lots.

  • A CAD drawing of RonaBond Re-Profiling Mortar.

    RonaBond Re-Profiling Mortar

    RonaBond Re-Profiling Mortar is designed to produce a smooth, level finish for concrete and masonry surfaces.

    The finished product can be over-coated or can be left as the finished surface.

    RonaBond Re-Profiling Mortar can be used as a levelling mortar for prepared vertical and overhead surfaces prior to the application of protective coatings or paints.

  • A CAD drawing of RonaBond HB25.

    RonaBond HB25

    RonaBond HB25 can be applied in relatively thick section to walls and soffits and depending on the nature of the repair, in layers up to 75mm deep in pocket repairs.

    RonaBond HB25 is supplied prepacked requiring only the addition of water.