Flooring Solutions

  • Norcros 2-Part-Levelling-Compound

    2-Part Levelling Compound

    Norcros 2-Part Levelling Compound is suitable for use from feather edge to 10mm in one application without the need for additional granite chippings.

  • Everbuild-203-Accelerator-&_Frostproofer

    203 Accelerator & Frostproofer

    203 Accelerator & Frostproofer is effective even in sub-zero temperatures and can also be used in normal temperatures where a rapid set is required and as a plugging admixture.

  • Everbuild-403-Concrete-Hardener-&-Dustproofer

    403 Concrete Hardener and Dustproofer

    Internal and external use. 403 Concrete Hardener and Dustproofer

    Fast acting.
    Leaves a residual surface to prevent further dusting.
    Helps prevent bloom/efflorescence.

  • Everbuild-708-Self-Level-Floor-Compound

    708 Self Level Floor Compound

    708 Self Level Floor Compound provides a free flowing mix that sets in 90 minutes and can be overlaid after only 8 hours at normal temperatures.

  • Everbuild-709-Floor-Flex-Plus

    709 Floor Flex Plus

    709 Floor Flex Plus is ideal for use when covering sound timber floors.

    A 5 litre container is sufficient to mix a 20 kilo bag of Self Level Floor Compound or adhesive.

  • Everbuild-710-Self-Level-Floor-Compound

    710 Self Level Flexiplus

    Enhanced flow properties coupled with long open time giving easy trowelling.
    Fast setting – sets in 8 hours.
    Up to 6mm in depth in one coat.
    Protein (casein) free.
    Internal/external use. 710 Self Level Flexiplus

  • Everbuild-Deep-Fill-750

    750 Deep Fill

    750 Deep Fill sets in 3 hours and can be overlaid after only 12 hours. 750 Deep Fill

  • decking-cleats

    Anti Slip Decking Cleats

    Wooden decking and ramps can be hazardous in the wet or become slippery with algae in shady or damp conditions; damp, slippery timber can be made safer instantly using Anti-Slip Decking Cleats.

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    Anti Slip Edge Sealer

    Anti Slip Edge Sealer may be used to seal and help protect the edges of Anti-Slip Tape and Anti-Slip Tread in wet or heavy wear conditions.

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    Anti Slip Primer

    Anti-Slip Primer for Anti-Slip Tape and Anti-Slip Treads, it improves adhesion especially on porous surfaces.

  • step-covers

    Anti Slip Step Covers

    Anti Slip Step Covers is highly versatile, heavy duty pre-formed step covers and nosing. Robust GRP provides a corrosion resistant surface for damaged, worn or slippery steps.

  • anglo-anti-slip-tape

    Anti Slip Tape

    Anti Slip Tape provides instant anti-slip surfaces for steps, ramps, floors, vehicles, boats etc.