Flooring Solutions

  • ARDEX-D30

    Ardex D30

    The characteristics of Ardex D30 are high adhesion strength after water immersion and high adhesion strength after exposure to elevated temperatures making this product ideal for use in commercial and domestic showers, kitchens and bathrooms.

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    Sikafloor-ProSeal can be used as a curing membrane for fresh concrete, as a surface hardener and dustrproofer adn as a curing/sealing of Sikafloor dry shake hardeners.

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    Sikafloor-390N can be used as a crack-bridging and chemically resistant coating for concrete and screed surfaces in bund areas for the protection against water contaminating liquids (according to the product chemical resistance table).

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    Emaco T420

    EMACO T420 is recommended for:

    Floor maintenance repairs
    Driveway and pavement repairs
    Repairs to beams, columns, walls and posttensioned or prestressed members
    Installation subjected to a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions

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    Mastertop 1730

    MASTERTOP 1730 is formulated to produce a smooth, non-gloss slip-resistant finish, even in wet conditions.

    The system is water vapour permeable allowing its use on damp substrates, or green concrete floors. It may also be used effectively on substrates with no functioning damp proof membrane.

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    Ucrete DP20AS

    Ucrete DP20AS is dense and impervious providing the ideal floor finish for applications in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and wherever a robust long lived floor is required.

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    Resustat Primer

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    Flowcrete Flowtex

    Flowcrete Flowtex can be used to repair to damaged floors, to form coved skirtings, joint arises or as a thin layer topping underlayment for Flowcrete epoxy resin finishes.

    Maximum thickness is 40 mm, feathering down to 1 mm.

  • Ultra Floor Level IT Smooth

    Ultra Floor Level IT Smooth

    When mixed with clean cold water, Ultra Floor Level IT Smooth is a product that can be trowel or pump applied, to smooth and level uneven, sound and strong internal floors to prepare them for the application of decorative floorcoverings.

    Its protein free formulation means it is ideal for use in biologically sensitive areas. It can be used on a variety of subfloors, and is suitable for use where warm water underfloor heating is incorporated.

  • Ardex K 39

    Ardex K 39

    Ardex K 39 is an advanced high performance self-smoothing and levelling compound with a market leading extended wet edge and working time.

    The rapid hardening properties of Ardex K 39 mean that it is walkable in as little as 2 hours. Ardex K 39 will level and smooth, in a single application, all uneven internal sub-floors including concrete, cement/sand screeds, anhydrite screeds etc.

  • Everbuild-EpoxySET-NF

    EpoxySET NF

    EpoxySET NF is a stiff but easily workable compound that can be applied by either trowel, spatula or knife.

    It cures to give high mechanical properties typical of epoxy compounds.

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    Cemprotec E – Floor

    Cemprotec E – Floor is a two component epoxy and cementitious modified polymer coating for the protection of concrete floors in demanding environmental conditions.

    It incorporates advanced cement chemistry, metakaolin, fibre, epoxy and styrene acrylic copolymer technology to provide multi-functional protection.