Grouting, Anchoring and Bedding

  • weber.tec grout FG

    weber.tec grout FG

    weber.tec grout FG is fast-setting for rapid installation and can be used down to 0°C.

    weber.tec grout FG is a flowing grout that is used to fill gaps of between 5 mm up to 90 mm dependent upon bulking out with aggregate.

  • weber.tec_EP_Tag

    weber.tec EP TAG

    weber.tec EP TAG is a specially formulated epoxy resin system for securing horizontal fixings, such as dowel bars, starter bars, threaded studding and bolts into concrete or brickwork.

    A high-strength, corrosion- and chemical-resistant anchoring is obtained, where speed of installation and early application of load is required. The thixotropic nature of the material ensures that the mixed resin stays in the hole after injection.

  • weber.tec_EP_pourable_grout

    weber.tec EP pourable grout

    weber.tec EP pourable grout is specially formulated from epoxy resin and graded aggregates producing a specialist grout with exceptional toughness, chemical resistance, excellent flow characteristics and negligible shrinkage.

  • weber.tec_cable_grout

    weber.tec cable grout

    weber.tec cable grout is used for filling cable slots.

    It can be also be used in asphalt, bitumen and concrete surfaces – use for gaps 5 mm to 16 mm wide.

  • Weber.tec anchor grout

    weber.tec anchor grout

    weber.tec anchor grout has been developed for anchoring and fixing.

    weber.tec anchor grout is pourable and subsequently it is suited for pouring into holes for anchors in floors and slabs. weber.tec anchor grout rapid is available for cold weather working.

  • Ultra Scape Flowpoint Smooth

    Ultra Scape Flowpoint Smooth

    Ultra Scape Flowpoint Smooth is ideal for all pavements where a rigid or bound void-free joint is required.

    The product is suitable for application in town centre pedestrian schemes, pathways and carriageways, and can be used with natural stone, concrete  ags and clay paviours.

  • Ultra Crete HF

    Ultra Crete HF

    Ultra Crete HF is a Department of Transport 2601 specification high flow precision grout.

    Suitable for the infill of voids from 10-100mm, the product is a very dense low permeability material, which does not suffer damage from freeze/thaw conditions.

  • SteinTec tuffset G

    Exceptional early strength gain and outstanding all-round performance put SteinTec tuffset G ahead of alternative products such as epoxy mortar and resin-based repair products in terms of economy, ease of use and even ultimate performance.

    SteinTec tuffset G can also be used for general carriageway repair, and to fix damaged concrete, paving, manhole frames and embedded ironwork.

  • SteinTec tuffgrit

    SteinTec tuffgrit allows optimum interlocking of angular particles for use in both high performance bound and unbound pavement construction where heavy trafficking and longevity are a requirement.

    The crushed rock used for the production of SteinTec tuffgrit boasts unusually high compressive and flexural strengths leading to an extended service life and enhanced durability.

  • SteinTec tuffbed 2-pack

    Bedding depths of between 20 mm to 70 mm may be placed in a single layer. Greater depths may be accommodated by placing successive layers of SteinTec tuffbed 2-pack as a screed bed.

    SteinTec tuffbed 2-pack is shrinkage compensated, reducing the risks of failure associated with building permanent stress into new pavement structures, the inevitable result of excessive shrinkage.

  • SteinTec tuffbed

    There are no additives or gauging liquids – “just add water” – SteinTec tuffbed is tolerant of a range of water contents, to suit preferred working methods.

    SteinTec tuffbed does not require the use of special mixing equipment. Bedding depths of between 20 mm to 70 mm may be placed in a single layer. Greater depths may be accommodated by placing successive layers of SteinTec tuffbed as a screed bed.

  • The official logo of Sika

    SikaScreed Hardtop 80

    SikaScreed HardTop 80 is a very rapid setting high strength mortar suitable for industrial and commercial applications, where return to service is critical and high loading capability essential. For minor or major repairs to heavily stressed, industrial concrete flooring with full usability within 24 hours.