Grouting, Anchoring and Bedding

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    Conbextra LJ

    Conbextra LJ is a shrinkage compensated cementitious material used for repair and filling of the gap between the Galvashield LJ system and the surrounded pile/column.

  • fischer-FISP-380C

    fischer FISP 380 C

    fischer FISP 380 C is economical, because this unique cartridge system can be applied using a standard silicone sealant application gun.

    Open cartridges can be used at a later date, but new static mixing nozzle is required – expansion-free anchoring.

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    Conbextra MF

    Conbextra MF is used for free flow precision grouting in a wide range of applications.

    These critical uses include heavy duty support beneath machine base plates, bridge bearing and crane rails.

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    Armorex Construction Grout

    Armorex Construction Grout is a blend of selected cements, graded silica sand and compatible admixtures, which when mixed with water produces a high strength grout with good flow properties and slight expansion.

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    Epoxy 200

    Adhesion gained from Epoxy 200 enables fixings into smooth walled holes such as diamond cored bores.

    The three part formulation gives good chemical resistance to most chemicals. Stable to seawater, petroleum products, resists freeze thaw cycles.

  • SteinTec tuffgrit

    SteinTec tuffgrit allows optimum interlocking of angular particles for use in both high performance bound and unbound pavement construction where heavy trafficking and longevity are a requirement.

    The crushed rock used for the production of SteinTec tuffgrit boasts unusually high compressive and flexural strengths leading to an extended service life and enhanced durability.

  • weber_five_star_grout_sp

    Five Star Grout SP

    Five Star Grout SP has been developed for applications where an economical grout with good flow and retention of flow and higher strengths is required.

    Five Star Grout SP is based on specially selected Portland cements, graded aggregates and admixtures including a special form of carbon. This special formulation produces a grout which conforms to ASTM C827 Early Volume Change of Cementitious Mixtures.

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    Masterflow 155RG

    MASTERFLOW 155RG is specifically designed for:

    Support grouting for rail tracks to rigid substrates.
    Can be used for rails without mechanical anchors or with those with rigid base anchors.

  • Nitofill TH

    Nitofill TH has been specially formulated to minimise the drainage of resin from cracks which are incompletely sealed.

    Thixotropic: Permits injection of open-ended crack
    Adhesion: Achieves high strength bond to dry or wet concrete
    Minimum creep: Material designed for low creep
    Non-shrink: No loss of bond or surface contact
    High strength: High compressive, tensile and flexural strengths
    Chemical resistance: Withstands most chemicals, acids and alkalis, also water and frost

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    Conbextra TS

    Conbextra TS is a blend of Portland cements, graded fillers, selected aggregates and chemical additives.

    The filler grading produces a highly flowable grout which will not segregate or bleed and reduces the exothermic heat generation and risk of thermal cracking common with gap thicknesses in excess of 100 mm.

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    fischer Hammer Capsules FHP

    fischer Hammer Capsules FHP is a simple and quick installation of the reinforcement bar that reduces the work involved; no special tools are necessary.

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    Conbextra PM

    Conbextra PM is used for structural grouting of gaps in precast units and high strength pointing.
    It is supplied as a single pack cement based pumping mortar, blended from cements, fine aggregates and admixtures with a maximum grain size less than 1mm. It requires only the addition of clean water to produce an easily pumped mortar.