Highway Maintenance

  • feb-block & paving sealer

    Aquaseal Protective Block Paving Seal

    AQUASEAL PROTECTIVE BLOCK PAVING SEAL is a non degrading, membrane forming liquid based on an acrylic resin. Once applied it forms a tough, clear seal which will resist oil and fuel spills, fungal growth and protect against weather damage.

    It stabilises the sand within the joints of the block paviours to resist washout.

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    Aquaseal Tarmac and Asphalt Drive and Path Seal

    AQUASEAL TARMAC AND ASPHALT DRIVE AND PATH SEAL is a Protective & Decorative Treatment for Tarmac & Asphalt.

  • anglo-asphalt-restorer

    Asphalt Restorer

    Asphalt Restorer provides an ‘as new’ appearance that will mask old line markings and repairs and will hide ingrained dust from building works etc.

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    Bitucrete provides an immediate cure for potholes in car parks, roads, drives, factory floors and many other surfaces.

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    Colbond 50

    Colbond 50 forms a uniform film of polymer modified bitumen on the road surface which promotes a strong adhesive bond between a bituminous overlay and the existing surface.

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    Contractors PVA

    contractors pva

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    Fastcast is a rapid curing, high strength pourable concrete, specifically designed for bedding of covers and frames, i.e. manholes, hydrants, etc.

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    Fastfill BM

    Fastfill BM is a single component, Portland cement based compound, which exhibits unique hydraulic properties to produce a rapid curing mortar with enhanced physical properties.

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    Fosroc Geogrid

    Fosroc Geogrid is used as a basal reinforcing element in civil engineering groundwork applications including ground reinforcement, road and railway construction, temporary access roads, erosions control and paved area stabilisation.

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    Grace LM50

    Grace LM50 is manufactured from high grade neoprene rubber reinforced with steel channels and a toughened flexible neoprene gland reinforced with a high performance nylon mesh.

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    Gripstrip consists of a bituminous compound modified with elastomers and fast bonding resins which is extruded and prefabricated.