Highway Maintenance

  • feb-block & paving sealer

    Aquaseal Protective Block Paving Seal

    AQUASEAL PROTECTIVE BLOCK PAVING SEAL is a non degrading, membrane forming liquid based on an acrylic resin. Once applied it forms a tough, clear seal which will resist oil and fuel spills, fungal growth and protect against weather damage.

    It stabilises the sand within the joints of the block paviours to resist washout.

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    Aquaseal Tarmac and Asphalt Drive and Path Seal

    AQUASEAL TARMAC AND ASPHALT DRIVE AND PATH SEAL is a Protective & Decorative Treatment for Tarmac & Asphalt.

  • anglo-asphalt-restorer

    Asphalt Restorer

    Asphalt Restorer provides an ‘as new’ appearance that will mask old line markings and repairs and will hide ingrained dust from building works etc.

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    Bitucrete provides an immediate cure for potholes in car parks, roads, drives, factory floors and many other surfaces.

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    Colbond 50

    Colbond 50 forms a uniform film of polymer modified bitumen on the road surface which promotes a strong adhesive bond between a bituminous overlay and the existing surface.

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    Contractors PVA

    contractors pva

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    Fastcast is a rapid curing, high strength pourable concrete, specifically designed for bedding of covers and frames, i.e. manholes, hydrants, etc.

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    Fastfill BM

    Fastfill BM is a single component, Portland cement based compound, which exhibits unique hydraulic properties to produce a rapid curing mortar with enhanced physical properties.

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    Fosroc Geogrid

    Fosroc Geogrid is used as a basal reinforcing element in civil engineering groundwork applications including ground reinforcement, road and railway construction, temporary access roads, erosions control and paved area stabilisation.

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    Grace LM50

    Grace LM50 is manufactured from high grade neoprene rubber reinforced with steel channels and a toughened flexible neoprene gland reinforced with a high performance nylon mesh.

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    Gripstrip consists of a bituminous compound modified with elastomers and fast bonding resins which is extruded and prefabricated.

  • i-fix Drive Revive

    i-fix® Drive Revive®

    i-fix® Drive Revive® allows you to restore dull, faded or tired patios and driveways to their former glory.

    Compatible with both tarmac and concrete, Drive Revive® allows you to repair and improve your outdoor space with ease.

  • i-fix Paving Sealer

    i-fix® Paving Sealer

    i-fix® Paving Sealer is a water-based sealant for use on block paving or slabs with sand joints.

    Easily applied using a watering can, Paving Sealer prevents growth of weeds and stops jointing sand being washed away. Each 5 litre bottle works by binding jointing sand and sealing the paving surface.

  • i-fix Pothole Fix

    i-fix® Pothole Fix

    i-fix® Pothole Fix sets just minutes after application, you are able to drive or walk over the treated area immediately.

    Available in our 20kg tubs, Pothole Fix can be used without any mixing or mess and any remaining product may be resealed for future use.

  • i-fix Pre-wash for Drive Revive

    i-fix® Pre-wash for Drive Revive®

  • i-fix Speedy Concrete

    i-fix® Speedy Concrete

    i-fix® Speedy Concrete is a multi-purpose concrete that fills cracks and holes in no time at twice the strength of regular concrete.

  • i-fix Speedy Paving Grout

    i-fix® Speedy Paving Grout

    i-fix® Speedy Paving Grout is a high-strength flowable mortar, which can be simply poured on the target area to reduce application time.

    Available in our 20kg tubs, this product allows you buy and use only what you need before resealing the rest for later, so reducing waste.

  • Ultracrete-Perma-Soil

    Instarmac Perma-Soil

    Instarmac Perma-Soil can be hand mixed with spoil from a reinstatement before being compacted back into the excavation to provide an adequate backfill material/sub base.

    No special tools or complicated techniques are required. As spoil is excavated Instarmac Perma-Soil is added and left to cure for a short time before reinstatement and compaction. It sets quickly, curing 85% within an hour, 100% within 24 hours.

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    Jointgrip OB

    Jointgrip OB is a proprietary formulation of blended petroleum bitumen incorporating special abrasive aggregates and polymers to provide a compound of toughness, flexibility, adhesiveness and resistance to flow.

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    Leocatic Spray

    Leocatic Spray is particularly useful for the construction and maintenance of footways and other low stress sites.

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    Leochip VLS

    Leochip VLS is ideal for producing a high quality, natural and aesthetically pleasing finish to drives and footpaths.

  • rbs Bedding Mortar

    rbs Bedding Mortar is ideally suited to the reinstatement of manhole frames, runway lights etc., where rapid return to service of heavily trafficked areas is required.

  • rbs Cosmetic Mortar

    rbs Cosmetic Mortar is used for rapid colour matching repairs to in-situ and pre-cast concrete.