Highway Maintenance

  • weber.tec-bedding-mortar

    weber.tec bedding mortar

    weber.tec bedding mortar is used for the bedding and fixing of manhole frames, airport landing lights, duct frames and precast concrete units.

    It has been formulated for easy mixing and placement, even at low temperatures and, when cured, provides a durable, chemically resistant bedding and fixing material with good bond strength.

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    weber.tec cable mortar

    weber.tec cable mortar is for use for gaps 16 mm to 40 mm.

  • weber.cem pyrabed

    weber.cem pyrabed

    When weber.cem pyrabed is mixed with water produce fast-setting bedding mortars for the rapid installation of ironwork and highway furniture.

    They can be applied to depth of 10 – 100 mm in one pass and the rapid strength development characteristics allow the road to be opened to traffic between 60 – 90 minutes after placement, dependent on the grade of product selected.

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    Fastcast is a rapid curing, high strength pourable concrete, specifically designed for bedding of covers and frames, i.e. manholes, hydrants, etc.

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    Fastfill BM

    Fastfill BM is a single component, Portland cement based compound, which exhibits unique hydraulic properties to produce a rapid curing mortar with enhanced physical properties.

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    Grace LM50

    Grace LM50 is manufactured from high grade neoprene rubber reinforced with steel channels and a toughened flexible neoprene gland reinforced with a high performance nylon mesh.

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    Fosroc Geogrid

    Fosroc Geogrid is used as a basal reinforcing element in civil engineering groundwork applications including ground reinforcement, road and railway construction, temporary access roads, erosions control and paved area stabilisation.

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    XR 45

    XR 45 is used for the installation and levelling of street ironwork. It is particularly useful where interruption to traffic flow must be minimised.

    It allows the bedding and installation of manhole frames and gulleys and their return to use in less than 45 minutes.

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    XR90 is used for bedding levelling and installation of street ironwork and applications which require high early strength to help reduce road closure times.

    XR90 can be used for emergency and general concrete repairs.

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    XR Cobbleset

    XR Cobbleset is used for the rapid pointing of granite setts, pre-cast concrete stone paviours and slabs.

    The product is especially beneficial in heavily pedestrianised areas, where a rapid reopening to the public is required.

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    XR PE20

    XR PE20 for the rapid installation of manhole frames in Type 1 & 2 carriageways.

    For bedding and fixing kerbstones; repairing and re-rpofiling precast units.

  • rbs Bedding Mortar

    rbs Bedding Mortar is ideally suited to the reinstatement of manhole frames, runway lights etc., where rapid return to service of heavily trafficked areas is required.