Highway Maintenance

  • anglo-asphalt-restorer

    Asphalt Restorer

    Asphalt Restorer provides an ‘as new’ appearance that will mask old line markings and repairs and will hide ingrained dust from building works etc.

  • Ultra crete QC6

    Ultra Crete QC6

    Ultra Crete QC6 is supplied pre-blended in 25kg bags and tubs, containing special cements and a 6mm graded aggregate.

    The product requires only the addition of water to form a high strength rapid setting concrete, which when set, dries to match most existing concrete surfaces. It can be applied from depths of 10mm to 100mm, depending on application.

  • Stirling Lloyd Safetrack LM Patch Pack

    Safetrack LM Patch Pack contains all of the necessary materials and equipment to successfully and easily apply the material.

    There are currently two products in the Safetrack LM Patch Pack range:

    Durable – a hard wearing, economical road marking
    Retromax – a solid road marking for highways

  • Ultra Scape Cempoint

    Ultra Scape Cempoint

    Ultra Scape Cempoint is specifically formulated for the jointing of flags, re-pointing of brickwork, block work and stone walling, the product is also shrinkage compensated, economical, fast and easy to apply, thus reducing costs and minimising downtime.

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    XR 45

    XR 45 is used for the installation and levelling of street ironwork. It is particularly useful where interruption to traffic flow must be minimised.

    It allows the bedding and installation of manhole frames and gulleys and their return to use in less than 45 minutes.

  • Ultra Crete QC10 F

    Ultra Crete QC10 F

    Ultra Crete QC10 F is a specifically formulated two part polymer and fibre modified concrete for backfill around manhole frames and gullies and can also be used for surface repairs.

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    Bitucrete provides an immediate cure for potholes in car parks, roads, drives, factory floors and many other surfaces.

  • Ultracrete Post Fix

    Ultra Crete Post Fix

    Ultra Crete Post Fix is supplied as a damp pack in 25kg plastic bags, which contain 2 parts – a 10mm graded aggregate pack and special cement pack.

    The product requires only the addition of water on site to form a strong quick setting base which holds posts, signs, fences, etc. instantly

  • Stirling Lloyd Safetrack HW Patch Pack

    Safetrack HW Patch Pack is suitable for the rapid, permanent reinstatement of damaged of compromised road surfaces or for the reinstatement of anti-skid after maintenance work.



  • Ultra Scape-i-fix Speedy Paving Grout

    Ultra Scape Paving Guard

    Ultra Scape Paving Guard is suitable for use on most paving types and in most commercial environments including town centres, public squares, pedestrianised areas, driveways and car parks.

    The product is an acrylic polyurethane hybrid and as such provides for both a user-friendly application and an extremely robust and durable finish, normally only achieved with solvent stabilised products.

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    XR90 is used for bedding levelling and installation of street ironwork and applications which require high early strength to help reduce road closure times.

    XR90 can be used for emergency and general concrete repairs.

  • Ultra Crete LMP

    Ultra Crete LMP

    Ultra Crete LMP is ideal as an effective and quick method for line or spot marking in road and pot hole repairs, car parks, warehouses, building sites, sports areas, excavation sites, mining, turf marking and landscape sites.

    The semipermanent formula is effective for at least 3 months after application under normal wear conditions.