Joint Sealants & Adhesives

  • Cemprotec Clutch Filler

    Cemprotec Clutch Filler is used for sealing the interlock or clutch between sheet piles, it incorporates advanced cement chemistry, microsilica, fibre, epoxy and styrene acrylic copolymer technology to provide multi-functional protection with enhanced chemical resistance.

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    PU Sealant

    PU Sealant cures rapidly on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a tough, flexible adhesive/sealant of permanent elasticity.

    It has excellent resistance to ageing and weathering and is ideally suited for application to vertical and overhead surfaces.

    When cured, it has excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates and can be overcoated with membranes in the Flexcrete range.

  • Korkpak

    Korkpak is waterproof, durable and offers a positive sealant support.

    This prevents displacement when subjected to normal hydrostatic pressure.

  • Paraseal

    Paraseal is:

    Durable – resistant to environmental pollution, weathering and immersion.
    Flexible – capable of accommodating shear and transverse movement.
    Resistant to damage – Shore hardness 15-25 provides tough resilient sealant.

  • Servijoint Two

    Servijoint Two is a chemically curing pitch free polyurethane sealant which is specially formulated to provide a durable seal for movement joints in concrete subject to contamination by oil and fuel spillage.

    Servijoint Two should be recessed 5mm below the surface to minimise the effect from wear and debris. It is specifically designed for joints in concrete roads, hardstandings, runways, filling stations and industrial production areas.

  • Vertiseal CE

    Vertiseal CE is used for sealing vertical movement joints in building, and civil engineering structures.

  • Fosroc-Colpor-200PF

    Colpor 200PF

    Colpor 200PF retains its movement accommodation of 25% on butt joints throughout the extremes of temperature, it does not harden in cold weather nor become excessively soft, or pick up in hot conditions.

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    Expandafoam is a closed-cell polyethylene joint filler for use as an expansion joint filler in brick and blockwork, isolation joints and hinge joints where a readily compressible low load transfer joint filler is required.

    It is a flexible, readily compressible, closed-cell polyethylene joint filler supplied in sheet form and as rectangular strips or circular section cords.

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    Flamex Fire Protection

    Flamex Fire Protection is used for fire protection in expansion and construction joints in walls, floors and ceilings, confining smoke and fire, giving extra time for people to escape from a fire situation.

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    Flamex S

    Flamex S is used for fire protection of curtain walling, building façades, expansion joints and penetration seals, where pipes and cables pass through fire rated structures.

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    Fosroc Fibreboard

    Fosroc Fibreboard is a compressible, non-extruding, bitumen impregnated, fibreboard expansion joint filler suitable for forming joints between in-situ and pre-cast concrete components.

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    Hilastic LM

    Hilastic LM is a one-part neutral curing silicone sealant suitable for sealing around uPVC windows and movement joints in concrete, brickwork and a variety of other substrates.

    The material cures on exposure to air and humidity to form a flexible seal that requires no maintenance throughout its service life.