Stone & Brick Restoration & Structural Reinforcement

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    Aida Sulfatex Liquid

    Aida Sulfatex Liquid converts sulphates into compounds that are difficult to dissolve.

    The material is formulated weakly acidic which dissolves lime residue and mortar dust on the stone surface and forms stable lime compounds in edge areas.

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    Belzona 5811

    Belzona 5811 is a 2-part epoxy coating which provides outstanding chemical resistance and protects equipment operating under immersion in aqueous solutions up to 50°C (122°F) from the effects of corrosion.

  • Flexipoint

    Flexipoint is a single component, cement based material incorporating the latest polymer and metakaolin technology, which is mixed with water to produce a pointing mortar for rapid application by gun or trowel.

    The specially selected aggregates are graded to prevent segregation and locking under pressure, giving smooth application with a high quality finish.

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    Funcosil Restoration Mortar “cement free”

    Funcosil Restoration Mortar “cement free” physical characteristics correspond to the requirement for the least possible inherent stress.

    Due to its low compressive and tensile bending strength and low E-modulus, it is particularly suitable for substrates of lesser strength. The “normal” grains of the aggregates (≤ 0.5 mm) correspond in general to that of fine-grained sandstone.

  • Helifix-HeliBar-Remedial

    Helifix CemTie

    Helifix CemTie is used for stabilising solid or rubble filled walls, reinstating failed lintels (when combined with Helibeam techniques), securing multi-layer brick rings in bridges, tunnels and arches & for reconnecting separated internal and external building walls.

  • Helifix-CrackStitch

    Helifix Crack Stitching

    Helifix Crack Stitching is used for rapid and permanent solution to cracked masonry.

    Helifix Crack Stitching suitable for all forms of masonry structure.

  • Helifix-DryFix

    Helifix DryFix

    Helifix DryFix is used as a versatile replacement for a wall tie, for securing multiple layers of masonry & for pinning delicate masonry features.

  • Helifix-HeliBar-Remedial

    Helifix HeliBar

    Helifix HeliBar is used for crack stitching, lintel repair and creation, forming deep masonry beams & for horizontal structural restraint (when used with BowTie systems).

  • Helifix-Helifibeam-system

    Helifix Helibeam System

    The Helifix Helibeam System comprises of pairs of long HeliBars that are bonded into cut slots to form deep masonry beams that reinforce and stabilise the existing masonry and redistribute structural loads.

    In combination with other Helifix ties and fixings, the Helibeam System provides a comprehensive, reliable and economic system of repair and stabilisation for many commonly occurring structural faults.

  • helifix_retrotie

    Helifix RetroTie

    Helifix RetroTie is effective in all common building materials. It leaves buildings virtually unmarked and allows multiple drip points in order to prevent the transfer of water across the cavity.

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    Icosit EG1

    Icosit EG1 contains micaecous iron oxide providing a high build chemically and abrasion resistant coating direct to new or weathered galvanized and an intermediate coating for steel.

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    Icosit EG1 Rapid

    Icosit EG1 Rapid contains micaecous iron oxide for low temperatures, providing a high build chemically and abrasion resistant coating direct to new or weathered galvanized and an intermediate coating for steel.

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    Icosit EG120

    Icosit EG120 can be used as a multifunctional corrosion protection top coat providing a decorative effect.

    Mainly used for bridges, pipe lines, containers, industrial and harbour installations, sewage treatment plants and large machinery; submerged or non submerged in industrial or marine environments. As an 1-coat system particularly suited for steel constructions indoors, for workshop application as heavy duty travel coat system.

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    Icosit EG5

    Icosit EG5 is a high gloss, two component, fast drying polyurethane finish for steel and galvanized substrates.

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    Icosit Poxitar F

    Icosit Poxitar F can be used as a heavy duty corrosion protection of most marine steel and concrete structures, it can also be used as sewage treatment corrosion protection.

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    Icosit PUR Accelerator

    Icosit PUR Accelerator is a solvent containing, colourless liquid to accelerate the curing process of 2-component polyurethane coating materials.

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    Kiesol is a liquid combination product made of water repelling silicic acid compounds and other system constituents that have been proved in practice for over 40 years.

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    Monokote MK-6/HY

    Monokote MK-6/HY are single component, spray applied, mill-mixed fire resistive plasters.

    Monokote MK-6/HY have approval for use on structural steel members and fluted decking to provide up to four hours of fire protection, and on flat plate cellular decking for up to three hours with Spatterkote SK-3.

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    Monokote MK-6/HY ES

    Monokote MK-6/HY ES is a gypsum based, machine applied fire protection system which has a delayed set feature.

    The Extended Set product is the same as MK-6/HY, except this product can be left unattended in the delivery system for up to 5 days..

  • Monokote MK-6s

    Monokote MK-6s is one of the world’s most widely specified and used structural fire protection systems.

    Monokote MK-6s is a gypsum based, machine applied fire protection system. It is a cost effective and fast application system for the fire protection of steel and concrete structures.

  • Monokote Z-106/HY

    Monokote is one of the world’s most widely specified and used structural fire protection systems.

    Monokote Z-106/HY is a portland cement based machine applied fire protection system. It is a cost effective and fast application system for the fire protection of steel and concrete structures.

  • Monokote Z-146

    Monokote Z-146 is a portland cement based, fire protection system, developed to meet speciality, commercial and industrial fire protection requirements.

    It is spray applied directly to structural steel beams and columns, providing up to 4 hours of fire resistance.



    Monsil is a mixture of silane, siloxane and synthetic resins, which in its concentrated form, as supplied, imparts maximum water and oil repellency to mineral substrates such as concrete, brick, stone, etc.

    Unlike traditional water-repellents, it offers multi-functional protection from water, oil, grease, paint, etc, thereby enabling easier cleaning and removal of graffiti, posters, etc.

  • natural cement


    Natcem contains no additives and provides exceptional performance.

    Natcem is a cement that allows rapid commissioning of civil and structural concrete work.

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    Nitocote SN502

    Nitocote SN502 is used to protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by chloride ions and water intrusion.

    The product is also suitable to protect other cementitious substrates and masonry.

  • Remmers Funcosil Restoration Mortar

    Restoration Mortar

    Restoration Mortar is used for restoring, supplementing and re-profiling mineral substrates such as natural stone, brick, concrete and synthetic stone.

    It can also be used to reproduce ornamental building elements in a tamping procedure.

  • RonaBond Bedding Mortar with GL

    RonaBond Bedding Mortar

    RonaBond Bedding Mortar is used to bond brick slips, copings and other components to concrete and building surfaces.

    The cured mortar has high physical strength, is waterproof and frost proof and will not break down through frost action.

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    Silicone Paint LA

    Silicone Paint LA can be used to produce water repelling, highly water vapour diffusion-open, protective coatings on mineral building materials.

    Since it can also be formulated as a translucent coating and because of its mineral character, Funcosil LA Silicone Paint is especially used on natural stone, a difficult coating substrate, in heritage preservation areas.

  • STRUX 90/40

    STRUX 90/40 Fiber Reinforcement is a unique form of high strength,high modulus synthetic structural reinforcement that is distributed throughout the concrete matrix.

    The material gives toughness, impact and fatigue resistance to concrete.

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    Thoro Dryjoint

    THORO DRYJOINT is used for:

    Re-pointing brick joints
    Waterproof jointing of concrete sewer and drainage pipes

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    weber.tec aquapel WR

    weber.tec aquapel WR penetrates into the pores of the surface being treated, forming a silicone resin in situ, and as a consequence, imparts water-repellent properties to most external building surfaces.

    weber.tec aquapel WR is not a film-forming material and so will not affect the appearance or water diffusion capacity of the substrate.