Stone & Brick Restoration & Structural Reinforcement

  • helifix_retrotie

    Helifix RetroTie

    Helifix RetroTie is effective in all common building materials. It leaves buildings virtually unmarked and allows multiple drip points in order to prevent the transfer of water across the cavity.

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    Nitocote SN502

    Nitocote SN502 is used to protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by chloride ions and water intrusion.

    The product is also suitable to protect other cementitious substrates and masonry.

  • Helifix-DryFix

    Helifix DryFix

    Helifix DryFix is used as a versatile replacement for a wall tie, for securing multiple layers of masonry & for pinning delicate masonry features.

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    Icosit PUR Accelerator

    Icosit PUR Accelerator is a solvent containing, colourless liquid to accelerate the curing process of 2-component polyurethane coating materials.

  • Helifix-HeliBar-Remedial

    Helifix CemTie

    Helifix CemTie is used for stabilising solid or rubble filled walls, reinstating failed lintels (when combined with Helibeam techniques), securing multi-layer brick rings in bridges, tunnels and arches & for reconnecting separated internal and external building walls.

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    weber.tec aquapel WR

    weber.tec aquapel WR penetrates into the pores of the surface being treated, forming a silicone resin in situ, and as a consequence, imparts water-repellent properties to most external building surfaces.

    weber.tec aquapel WR is not a film-forming material and so will not affect the appearance or water diffusion capacity of the substrate.

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    Icosit EG1

    Icosit EG1 contains micaecous iron oxide providing a high build chemically and abrasion resistant coating direct to new or weathered galvanized and an intermediate coating for steel.

  • Helifix-CrackStitch

    Helifix Crack Stitching

    Helifix Crack Stitching is used for rapid and permanent solution to cracked masonry.

    Helifix Crack Stitching suitable for all forms of masonry structure.

  • Flexipoint

    Flexipoint is a single component, cement based material incorporating the latest polymer and metakaolin technology, which is mixed with water to produce a pointing mortar for rapid application by gun or trowel.

    The specially selected aggregates are graded to prevent segregation and locking under pressure, giving smooth application with a high quality finish.

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    Icosit EG1 Rapid

    Icosit EG1 Rapid contains micaecous iron oxide for low temperatures, providing a high build chemically and abrasion resistant coating direct to new or weathered galvanized and an intermediate coating for steel.

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    Kiesol is a liquid combination product made of water repelling silicic acid compounds and other system constituents that have been proved in practice for over 40 years.



    Monsil is a mixture of silane, siloxane and synthetic resins, which in its concentrated form, as supplied, imparts maximum water and oil repellency to mineral substrates such as concrete, brick, stone, etc.

    Unlike traditional water-repellents, it offers multi-functional protection from water, oil, grease, paint, etc, thereby enabling easier cleaning and removal of graffiti, posters, etc.