• Natural-Cement-Waterstop


    Waterstop is resistant to chloride penetration, is potable water approved and is not affected by sea water.

    Waterstop is mainly used to seal leaks and stop the ingress of water.

  • Norcros-Waterproofing-Admixture

    Waterproofing Admixture

    Norcros Waterproofing Admixture is designed to provide a waterproof system when used as a direct replacement for water to mix Norcros flexible cement-based adhesives.

  • Thoro-Waterplug

    Waterplug bed

    THORO WATERPLUG, when mixed with clean water, provides a ready to use ultra rapid setting durable plugging mortar for active water leaks in concrete and masonry.

  • Vandex Uni 2

    Vandex Uni Mortar 2

    Vandex Uni Mortar 2 is both a waterproofing and screed within a single product.

    It is used for horizontal concrete surfaces & is resistant to abrasion and deicing salts.

  • Vandex Uni Mortar 1 Z

    Vandex Uni Mortar 1 Z

    Vandex Uni Mortar 1 Z is used to repair and coat open tanks and channels in sewage treatment plants as well as horizontal and vertical concrete or masonry surfaces which are subject to water or humidity and at the same time to eventual mechanical wear.

  • Vandex Uni Mortar 1

    Vandex Uni Mortar 1 is applied in layers of 6 to12 mm thickness in one working cycle.

    This material is substantially resistant to abrasion and deicing salt and thus capable to take strong mechanical wear. Due to its composition, based on cement and quartz with graded grain size distribution, and selected additives.

  • Vandex Super / Super White

    Vandex Super / Super White are of a similar nature; whereas Vandex Super is based on grey Portland cement, Vandex Super White uses white cement as binding agent.

    All technical information of Vandex Super applies also for Vandex Super White except for colour and setting time.

  • Vandex Quickbinder

    Vandex Quickbinder is water dilutable and does not contain chlorides or solvents.

    Vandex Quickbinder may be used as supplied or diluted with water depending on the nature of use.

  • Vandex Premix

    Vandex Premix is used in conjunction with Vandex Super for general waterproofing purposes or on its own when treating concrete blockwork.

    It consists of grey Portland cement, specially treated quartz sand and fillers, and a compound of active chemicals. Vandex Premix is supplied in powder form in 25 kg bags and only needs the addition of water prior to application.

  • Vandex Plug

    Vandex Plug can be used internally or externally as a waterproof plugging mortar or where rapid setting and early strength gain is required.

  • Vandex Corrosion Protection M

    Vandex Corrosion Protection M was tested in accordance with German ZTV-SIB 90 specifications and approved for its intended use.

    Not only does it enhance rebar corrosion protection, but also improves adhesion to subsequently applied Vandex repair and coating mortar.

  • Vandex Concrete Grey

    Vandex Concrete Grey is a cementitious product providing in depth waterproofing and protection of concrete structures, where a light grey colour similar to aged concrete is desired.

    Vandex Concrete Grey is produced from Portland cement, specially treated quartz sand, and a compound of active chemicals. It is supplied in powder form in 25 kg bags and needs only to be mixed with water prior to application.