• Ardex A 46 11kg

Ardex A 46 11kg

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Ardex A 46 11kg

£23.29 Ex Vat


ARDEX A46 is a rapid repair, slump free mortar which is ideal for external and internal repairs. The polymer modified mortar sets and hardens rapidly to give a repair of high performance, strength and hardness. The product can be used to fill in cracks or gaps which are up to depth of 50mm and takes just 30 minutes to set. Ardex A46 is crack free and shrinkage compensated, but should only be used to repair non-structural concrete.


  • Ideal for the rapid repair of damaged concrete
  • Sets within 30 minutes
  • Slump free – ideal for wall and floor repairs
  • Apply from 2mm to 50mm thick
  • For internal and external use
  • Easy to smooth and float
  • Shrinkage compensated, and crack free

Ardex A46 is suitable for underfloor heating and is freeze, salt and thaw resistant. The product has a working time of 15 minutes and a compressive strength of 10.0 N/mm² after one day. After 7 days this is 15.0 N/mm² and after 28 days it is 20.0 N/mm².

The strength of the tensile bond after one day is 2.0 N/mm², after 7 days it is 4.0 N/mm² and after 28 days it is 6.0 N/mm². 

Before applying this product, surfaces should be prepared to provide a sound and clean area that is free from oil, grease, dust or anything else that will prevent adhesion. The product can be applied to damp or dry concrete, screeds, render, and the like. It is not usually necessary to prime surfaces like cement/sand, concrete, renders or screeds and bricks unless they are very porous. When applied to porous surfaces, the mix should be applied as a thin layer scratch coat in order to achieve a good adhesion. Following this application, the mix should be applied to the required depth. Mechanical preparation methods should be used to prepare worn surfaces in order to build a clean surface that will have good adhesion.

Ardex A46 is available in 5kg and 11kg bags and one 11kg bag will cover around four square metres, at an average thickness of 2mm.

This product is ideal for the following uses:

• Filling in gaps, cracks and holes
• For repairing and re-facing concrete stair treads and risers
• Repairing damaged brickwork or wall renders
• Making good wall chases
• Patching or filling cracks or gaps in walls and floors
• Making good around doors, pipework and window frames
• To form ramps with a thickness of 2mm to 30mm 
• Making floor coves
• To repair beams, soffits and lintels

When mixing this product, pour the appropriate amount of powder into a mixing container holding clean water and mix thoroughly. Use around one part water to three parts powder. Don't use too much water.

The mortar can be worked for around 20 minutes at temperatures of 20°C, and for a slightly longer period of time at lower temperatures and a reduced amount of time at higher temperatures.