• Arditex NA Latex 4.85kg

Arditex NA Latex 4.85kg


£23.96 Ex Vat

Arditex NA Latex 4.85kg

£23.96 Ex Vat


This product requires Arditex NA Powder.


ARDITEX NA Levelling and Smoothing Compound saves you both time and money by removing the need for intensive preparation and priming.

Protein-free and latex-based, this compound is suitable for use across virtually all subfloors, from porcelain and ceramic tiles to steel floors, cement screeds and terrazzo flooring. It can even be used alongside underfloor heating and over residual adhesive including bitumen.

Fast drying and virtually scent free, ARDITEX NA is ideal for public, residential and office flooring which requires fast treatment, with the ability to be covered after as little as three hours.

Its renowned versatility and advanced site tolerance reduces preparation machinery hire costs, lost time and call backs, helping to ensure that with ARDITEX NA, there really is no alternative.

Whether you’re renovating a premises or in the post-construction phase, stock up on ARDITEX NA latex and powder mix from Resapol today.



  • Apply direct to most substrates without priming, including old adhesive residues (including bitumen), flooring grade plywood, ARDEX Damp Proof Membranes and even direct to ceramic tiling
  • Unaffected by moisture and can be used direct over damp concrete
  • Install floorcoverings after 4 hours and ceramic tiles after 3 hours
  • Walk on after 2 hours
  • Convenient bag and bottle mix with no measuring or water required
  • Advanced performance, even at lower temperatures
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating

How to use ARDITEX NA latex and powder

To create an even surface with ARDITEX NA, first ensure you prepare the area thoroughly. Remove all trace of polish, dirt, dust, paint, plaster and other debris such as loosely adhered materials or those which could be compromised upon contact with water. The integrity of the flooring should also be checked to ensure it is sturdy enough for a levelling compound to be applied. 

To use, gradually mix according to a ratio of one 20kg bag of ARDITEX NA powder to 4.85kg of ARDITEX NA latex. You can then begin applying with a trowel from a feather edge up to 12mm when using just one application, or 30mm if used in conjunction with ARDITEX Coarse Aggregate. 

If your chosen surface is wooden flooring, ensure all boards are fully secured. For porous surfaces, a handy tip is to apply water to the surface to limit the chances of suction occurring. 

ARDITEX NA is moisture-tolerant, which means it can be applied to damp surfaces but not to those with surface water. If you wish to install a moisture-sensitive covering, or if applying over concrete or sand screed flooring that is subject to rising damp or high moisture post-construction, a damp-resistant membrane will also need to be applied before the final covering. 

ARDITEX NA should be applied at temperatures over 5°C and is not suitable for use on soft flooring materials including cushion vinyl, cork, linoleum, rubber.