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Cementitious Repair

Cementitious Repair

Cementitious Repair

Cementitious repair products are cement-based materials designed to help repair cracks in concrete, stone and other construction materials. Our products can be made from a combination of materials and are designed to protect and seal any gaps or cracks.

With over 9000s depots and a nationwide network of logistical support, we are the UK’s biggest construction chemical supplier. We have a variety of concrete repair mortars available from some of the leading brands. Sika, Renderoc, RBS, Five Star and Natcem are just a few of the names we are proud to represent. 

Concrete damage and defects are caused by a variety of factors. Environmental factors, poor design, chemical attack, impact damage or poor initial application, concrete damage is usually classified as either mechanical, physical or chemical exposure. Whatever the reasons, we have a range of solutions to tackle the problem and extend the structural lifespan.

These ready-to-mix solutions work with all cement-based surfaces, ensuring your weak point becomes a strength. Our products also comply with all building specifications. These products are manufactured from non-reactive components and are useful for a range of applications, such as the repair of beams and crossheads.

Our cementitious repair mixes are pre-bagged in various sizes. We also have mixtures to suit a wide variety of tasks, from rapid setting mixes to mixes designed for overhead repairs. Within our range of concrete repair mortars, you will find cost-effective solutions, with strong levels of adhesion and a smooth finish.

Along with these mixes we also have polymer reinforced mortar for caulking, repointing, and repairing concrete in different conditions. Our range includes a high strength epoxy resin-based mortar which is waterproof, chemical resistant and quick curing as well as a chloride-free wall tie sealing compound which provides low shrinkage and offers a high level of resistance to sulphate and other chemical attacks.

Types of Cementitious Repair Products

Polymer reinforced mortar

Our polymer-based reinforced mortar can be used on wet and dry surfaces and is ideal for repairing deep cracks or repointing structures. What’s more, it can also be used to level a structure’s surface and create a strong base coat for further applications. Our pre-mixed powders create strong bonds and a durable finish. 

Chloride-free products

This chloride-free solution is fast-drying, shrink resistant, and offers a water-resistant seal. Our wide range of products can be used for all types of repair, from holes in walls to internal pipe surrounds. 

Epoxy resin mortars

Epoxy-resin mortars are versatile and offer protection against water and chemicals. Our range of solutions is perfect for heavy-duty surfaces and critical cement-based projects. 

Rapid set mortar

These mortars set quickly and can be used on indoor and outdoor applications. We source products from leading brands and offer rapid set mortars that are used for setting posts, repairing drains, repointing blockwork, and concrete step repairs. 

About Resapol

Resapol holds ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditations from LRQA. We are members of the Concrete Repair Association, Sprayed Concrete Association and The Structural Concrete Alliance with whom we share knowledge, training and expertise.

Our reliable logistics and quick turnaround times mean we can reach any construction site in record time. With over 9000 products across a nationwide web of depots, we are perfectly positioned to service the construction industry.

Resapol is an industry-leading construction chemicals distributor. Contact us now to find out more about our construction solutions. Our commitment to our clients means your supply chain remains on track, on budget and on time.