• Conbextra PM 20kg

Conbextra PM 20kg

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£42.34 Ex Vat

Conbextra PM 20kg

£42.34 Ex Vat


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Conbextra PM is a single component cementitious pumping and pointing mortar for structural grouting of gaps in precast units and high strength pointing.

The product is supplied in a single pack and is a cement based mortar for pumping. It is a blended mix of cement, admixtures and fine aggregates which have maximum sized grains of less than 1mm. You will need to add clean water to this mortar in order to mix it and it is easily pumped. 

This product has the following Advantages:

  • High strength
  • Fast installation rate
  • Pump application
  • Pre-blended to overcome site-batching variations
  • Easy to use no priming required
  • Rapid strength gain
  • Shrinkage compensated, abrasion and weather resistant

Prior to application surfaces should be prepared by grinding or grit blasting in order to attain maximum levels of adhesion. The substrate should free of any contaminants such as oil or paint as these can prevent adhesion. Finally, the substrate should be pre-soaked with clean water. 

Mixing this product

In order to obtain the best results the following guidelines should be followed:


  • Conbextra PM needs to be mixed thoroughly. When applying by pump it is recommended to use a force action mixer which should be located next to or above the pump chamber.
  • When applying by hand, it is essential to use a forced action mixer
  • When only one bag of the product is being used it can be mixed in drums with a mixing paddle at speeds of 400rpm to 500rpm.
  • It is possible to mix part of the bag but care should be taken with the measurements of water.
  • It's important that the powder is always added to water and each bag of powder requires between 3.1 litres and 3.3 litres of clean water.
  • Mixing should be carried out for at least three minutes and no more than five minutes.
  • When applying Conbextra PM use a worm pump or rotor stator for this size of particle with 25 mm ID hosing. It is also possible to apply the product by hand using a trowel or pointing gun.


After application use trowels or pointing tools to cut this product back while still wet to provide a good finish. Any excess material should be removed from the face of the substrate while still wet.

All tools should be cleaned immediately after use.