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Epoxy Adhesives & Primers

Epoxy Adhesives & Primers

Epoxy Resins and Adhesives

At Resapol we stock a wide variety of epoxy resins, adhesives, and primers. Handpicked by our experts, these construction chemicals and applicators help you prime, protect and improve surfaces. 

Concrete defects and damage are caused by several factors. Whether your concrete has suffered due to poor design, impact damage, environmental factors, chemical attack or poor initial application, these failures can usually be classified as either physical, mechanical, or chemical exposure.

Whatever the reasons, we have a range of epoxy resins, adhesives and primers to tackle all potential problems and extend structural lifespan.

Defects ranging from mechanical or shutter removal damage to honeycombing and movement cracks all create different concrete repair requirements. Mechanical damage is usually caused by vibration, settlement, land movement, impact, overloading, or explosions.

Chemical damage to concrete can also cause significant damage. This can occur through leaching or alkali-aggregate reaction, or even through exposure to chemical or biological agents. Within concrete there are various types of aggregate which could undergo chemical reactions, leading to expansion and damage.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin provides much needed anti-corrosive protection to floors, surfaces and other applications. Epoxy resin is also an environmentally friendlier option to traditional flooring materials requiring less maintenance and water consumption. 

Easy to maintain and durable, this product also makes for great decorative flooring applications. Our choice of epoxy resin products provides you with a great looking surface that can withstand everything from dirt and water to wear and tear. 

Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxy adhesives are found in building projects around the country. This common industrial adhesive is versatile and durable offering your structure and bare metal components increased toughness and adherence. Our adhesives can bind materials of different types and makeups and are ideal for unique property needs.

We work with leading brands and have sourced different types of resin specifically designed for bespoke applications. Whether you’re looking for a heatproof epoxy resin for room temperature and extreme heat temperature resistance or flexible bonds when movement in structures is required, we have anything you could need. 

The Benefits of Epoxy Adhesives

Our adhesives have several benefits including;

Heat resistance: Epoxy resin adhesives provide high-temperature resistance with specialised products able to withstand temperatures up to 200°C and above. 

Chemical resistance: Chemicals can negatively affect buildings and undermine their integrity. Our adhesives can withstand exposure to all manner of chemicals. 

Durability: After drying quickly, epoxy bonds are incredibly strong and retain stability over a long period. Specialised products that combine systems are some of the strongest bonds available in the industry. 

Electrical properties: Resin adhesives make for excellent electrical insulation and open up this product to a host of electrical applications. 

Watertightness: Epoxy can seal joints and gaps creating watertight bonds. 

Epoxy for Cementitious Repair

If you have cracks or other issues in your products, then an epoxy repair may be the perfect solution for you. Consider what you need from your product and choose an epoxy adhesive that fits into your budget, timeframe and cost. Important aspects to consider are potential stressors, how much time you have for curing, and what materials a product can bond.

With that in mind, it’s important to state that epoxy resin adhesives are made up of highly impact-resistant bonds that can accommodate extreme weight-bearing and drilling.

Epoxy Primers

The installation of a new floor requires a lot of carefully considered processes and base coats. Epoxy type primers are key to the longevity of flooring systems. Floor preparation is paramount and floor primer is an important part of this process. Investing in epoxy primers saves you time and money, reducing maintenance costs. 

There are loads of benefits to applying an epoxy floor primer:

Epoxy primers are thin. These primers require very little space to work and provide excellent adhesion into the concrete substrate allowing a better bond and stronger structural adhesive capabilities.

Applying a primer eliminates air bubbles and pinholes from the concrete setting process. Eliminating these air bubbles and pinholes gives you the ability to reach higher dry film thickness and coating uniformity. 

Primers form a waterproof barrier for concrete flooring protecting your structure from the elements. 

Some primers function as oil blocking primers. These primers are designed to protect concrete that has been contaminated by oil.

Epoxy primers penetrate deep into the pores of the concrete to create high strength bonds. This protects your surface from oily surfaces, dust, surface rust, rising damp, and anything else your structure will need to withstand.

Primers can help where there is a poor or non-existent damp proof membrane. Primers designed to resist water pressure can prevent rising damp and help reduce the effects of flooding and rising water tables.

The viscosity of epoxy primers allows them to cover holes in concrete and create a solid surface on which to apply further applications. 

About Resapol

Resapol holds ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditations from LRQA. We are members of the Concrete Repair Association, Sprayed Concrete Association and The Structural Concrete Alliance with whom we share knowledge, training and expertise.

Our reliable logistics and quick turnaround times mean we can reach any construction site in record time. With over 9000 products across a nationwide web of depots, we are perfectly positioned to service the construction industry.

Contact us now to find out more about our epoxy resing and adhesive options. Our commitment to our clients means your supply chain remains on track, on budget and on time.