• Five Star grout 25kg (51750000)

Five Star grout 25kg (51750000)

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£14.20 Ex Vat

Five Star grout 25kg (51750000)

£14.20 Ex Vat


Five Star grout is a premixed cementitious grout developed for applications where an economical grout with good flow and strength is required. Five Star grout is based on specially selected Portland cements, graded aggregates and admixtures including a special form of carbon.

This special formulation produces a grout which conforms to ASTM C827 Early Volume Change of Cementitious Mixtures. It does not contain iron, aluminium or other additives which produce non-shrink characteristics by chemical reaction.

This eliminates any subsequent problems of dimensional instability, corrosion or staining. Five Star grout is designed primarily as a flowing grout but can also be used at a trowellable or dry pack consistency. Complies with BS EN 1504-3 and -6.



  • Under stanchion plates and machinery (static loads only).
  • Grouting bearings, precast units, floors etc.
  • Fixing anchor bolts, ballustrades, crash barriers, starter bars.
  • Underpinning.
  • Void filling.


Preparation for use:

First, clean all surfaces to ensure they are free of dirt, dust, grease and oil, and inspect them for integrity. If you are adhering metal surfaces, check they have no signs of scale and rust. The best adherence will be achieved with surfaces that are rough and have been soaked in clean water. However, always check that there is no water, dust or other material lodged in any cavities. 

Use a designated grout mixer or bucket with a depth that measures a minimum of 11.5 times the diameter, and a drill with a 650 rpm and an MR4 helical attachment. 

For grout that can be poured, use a ratio of five litres of water to a 25kg bag of Five Star Grout mix. Begin by adding two litres of clean water to your bucket, followed by 12.5kg of grout powder, mixing together to form a paste-like texture without lumps. Gradually add more powder and a little water, followed by the rest of the powder. The mix should now be smooth and velvety. Carefully add the rest of the water. 

Ensure you don’t mix for longer than five minutes and limit air from getting into the mix as far as possible.

For a dry pack, blend 2.25 litres of water with a 25kg bag of powder.

For use with a trowel, blend 3.5 litres of water with a 25kg bag of powder.

Applying Five Star Grout: 

Once mixed, use within 35 minutes. Ensure it has been mixed properly to give a continuous flow and quantity that is big enough for the area. A machine is recommended for the best application, and for large areas it should be applied via pump. Check that the area is well sealed and shuttered with the use of a header box to provide a head of between 150mm and 200mm throughout. Cracking may occur if grouting is not flush with baseplates. 

Use within +5°C and +40°C; once dry, grouting will resist temperatures from –20°C to +150°C.