• Natcem 35 Grey 25kg

Natcem 35 Grey 25kg

SKU: 099NC3525

£38.73 Ex Vat

Natcem 35 Grey 25kg

£38.73 Ex Vat


NATCEM 35 is a fast setting and fast curing mortar with a rapid strength gain that is resistant to chloride penetration, consisting of a blend of NATCEM Reg.31 Cement Binder, specially selected dried graded aggregates all passing a 2mm sieve and retarders.

Unlike most other manufactured products, NatCem 35 does not require bonding agents, primers or curing agents. You only need to add water and mix it for two minutes and the concrete repair mortar is ready for application. NatCem is also environmentally friendly because it is based on natural cement binder. Since this mortar is environmentally friendly, it can be used in places prone to chemical pollution. Its Reg 31 approval is a clear indication that this mortar can safely come into contact with drinking water. 


  • Fast setting
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Low shrinkage
  • Low modulus of elasticity makes it very effective on poor or friable substrates
  • Excellent resistance to pure water and sulphated water
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • Very good cohesion and mixing
  • Fine compact surface
  • No curing necessary
  • It can be coated, covered or painted as soon as setting is complete
  • Can be used in wet conditions
  • Can be used under water
  • High Strength
  • Low carbon dioxide permeability
  • Low water permeability

Approved for use by the UK Public Water Supply, NatCem has many applications. You can use it for all types of concrete repairs, setting holding down bolts, bedding blocks and on stones and bricks. This product is also suitable for fine moulding and waterproofing renders, as well as sealing garage pits. You can also use it in the construction and repair of underwater installations, and sealing pipe joints and benching.

You can prepare this mortar using conventional mixing machines. Take care not to add water to the powder, but rather, add the product to water and mix thoroughly. Each 25kg bag of NatCem needs 3.6 litres of water for optimum results. You should get a fluid paste after mixing the contents thoroughly for only 2 minutes. If the mixtures still appears dry, you can add more water but keep in mind that doing so may lower the quality of the mortar. In cold conditions, use warm water to accelerate the setting.

When done with the mixing process, apply the mortar as fast as possible, maintaining a thickness of 10mm. Be careful not to add any water to the surface as it may result into the cracking of the surface. Avoid remixing the material or smoothing the surface because it would lose its adhesive abilities. Before applying the mixture, make sure you clean the target surface to remove any paint or loose materials. As a safety precaution, wear protective clothing when working with this product. Clean all tools thoroughly with plenty of water after use. Keep the unused NatCem sealed in its original packing to increase its shelf life.