• Pozament GM10 'STD' Grout 20kg

Pozament GM10 'STD' Grout 20kg

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Pozament GM10 'STD' Grout 20kg


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The GM Grout Range is a range of pre-blended cementitous grouts manufactured using ordinary Portland Cement and selected fillers.

The GM Grout Range has excellent pumpable qualtities when mixed with water. The heat of hydration is low with minimal plastic shrinkage.

The GM Grout Range has a high resistance to sulphates and have a low density and high yield.


Where to use this product


The GM Grout Range is notable for its versatility in terms of the uses one can get out of it. It is primarily designed for filling voids, as well as piling and ground remediation, as you would expect, alongside other general grouting operations. A typical example of usage could be the filling of redundant tunnel and/or mine workings, or for basic pile installation. It could even be an effective component of a trenchless tunnel system.


Instructions for application


The application of Pozament GM10 STD Grout involves mixing the contents of the bag with water that complies with regulation BS EN 1008, the same as if you were working with concrete. This grout is designed with versatility in mind, and it can be mixed and applied using various equipment types including:

  • paddle mixers
  • high-shear mixers
  • colloidal mixers
  • helical screw pumps
  • diaphragm pumps
  • piston pumps



  • The GM Grout Range is a versatile grout range designed for void filling, piling and ground remediation, amongst other general grouting operations.
  • Typical uses include filling redundant mine and tunnel workings, pile installation and trenchless tunnel systems.


Packaging and storage best practice


The Pozament GM10 STD Grout, and others in the GM Grout Range, is supplied in a nominal 20kg sack, and has been palletised and shrink wrapped. Alternatively, you can find the same products supplied in intermediate bulk containers or in bulk powder tankers. If your preference would be for this type of packaging, they can be found elsewhere in the store.

If the grout is packaged in the palletised format, it should be stored in a cool, dry environment away from the ground. It is best either sheeted or under a good rainproof cover and stacked no more than two pallets high for optimal storage. Usage of products stored in this way should be on a first-in, first-out basis as stock rotation is important.

The shelf-life of the product is a minimum of three months, but in certain temperature and humidity levels this can exceed six months. If packaged in bulk powder tanker form, the grout should be put into storage in cement-type silos that are fitted with the appropriate dust control equipment.


Maintaining good quality at all times


All products from Pozament are factory blended, tested and packaged in accordance with quality control procedures that meet compliance with BS EN ISO 9001.

Resapol only supplies product ranges that are tried and tested for quality and have a reputable track record. Depot staff have strong technical knowledge and can offer technical support with all products. If you require specific advice about Pozament GM10 STD Grout, call us on 0800 083 1942.