• rbs Rapid Concrete 25kg

rbs Rapid Concrete 25kg

SKU: 004RC

£12.84 Ex Vat

rbs Rapid Concrete 25kg

£12.84 Ex Vat


rbs Rapid Concrete is a rapid set, high strength concrete. It consists of a dry blend of modified Portland Cement, and limestone aggregate, with the addition of acrylic polymer.

While it is just as easy to set, rbs Rapid Concrete offers several benefits over traditional concrete. The Rapid setting time means an increase in efficiency, which is vital during any construction project. Saving valuable time can mean a more efficient building process.

Its high performance means that everything you expect of commercial concrete is delivered faster. This is great for business projects, as it allows an earlier return to service, meaning you’re not waiting long for business as usual.

Despite the speed with which it sets, it does not compromise on strength and endurance. Its composition means it is durable, extremely strong, and able to withstand heavy traffic, making it ideal for commercial areas. 



  • High strength repairs to pavement concrete thin bed and full depth.
  • Bridge Deck Repairs – complies to Department of Transport Standard BD 27/86.
  • Industrial floors, loading bays or failed floor slabs.
  • Parking decks and ramps.
  • Airport hardstandings.

Every aspect of rbs Rapic Concrete has been purposefully chosen, and its unique composition means reduced shrinkage, and an increased resistance to chemicals. Plus, because of the reduced shrinkage, there are fewer voids and pores in the surface, meaning it can be infinitely more durable than regular cement. In short, this means it lasts longer, and looks better for longer. 

While perfect for new projects, it also offers excellent versatility for restoration and repair work too. No matter how complex your project is, it will add ease of use and speed to your tool belt. 

To find out how rbs Rapid Concrete will improve your building project, call us now.