• Renderoc HB45 25kg

Renderoc HB45 25kg

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£52.51 Ex Vat

Renderoc HB45 25kg

£52.51 Ex Vat


Renderoc HB45 high performance, fibre reinforced, medium weight mortar (R4) has been specifically engineered for vertical and overhead repair work. It is supplied in 25kg and consists of a ready for use mix of dry powders which just need the addition of water. The blend is based on Portland cement, lightweight fillers, graded aggregates and chemical additives. The resulting consistent repair mortar has a medium weight. The mortar requires small levels of water for mixing and has very good handling. It is a strong and durable repair solution and should applied using wet spray methods.

It can be applied in sections up to 80 mm thickness in vertical locations and up to 70 mm thickness in overhead locations in a single application without formwork. Use of formwork or building in layers allows users to create thicker sections. Where there are deep pockets these can occasionally be filled with a single application, however, this depends on the type of pocket and volumes of exposed reinforcement steel. 

Renderoc HB45 is used for reinstating reinforced concrete where there is a requirement for low permeability or increased compressive strength. It cannot be used with lower strength concrete, and Renderoc HB30 should be used instead. It is specifically for:

- repairs to columns 
- repairing beams
- it is also suitable for soffit repair due to its fresh wet density

The product is ideal for the following BS EN 1504-3 repairs:
- 3.1
- 3.3
- 4.4
- 7.1
- 7.2


  • Maximum compatibility with concrete of compressive strength 35 - 60 N/mm²
  • High-build applications possible while maintaining higher compressive strengths — fewer cold joints
  • Frequently obviates the need for formwork
  • Polymer-modification provides extremely low permeability to water, carbon dioxide and chlorides
  • Exceptional system of shrinkage compensation provides long-term dimensional stability
  • Can be applied quickly and efficiently by wet spraying
  • One component, pre-bagged to overcome site-batched variations
  • Contains no chloride admixtures

When mixing, follow these guidelines:

- always add the powder to water
- 3.25 litres to 3.5 litres of water should be used per bag of Renderoc HB45
- use a forced action mixer at a slow speed
- where only one bag is being mixed it is possible to use a heavy duty drill set at a slow speed for mixing
- part bags should not be mixed
- mixing should be thorough and take a minimum of three minutes, but no longer than five minutes
- it is possible to adjust the consistency a little by adding small amounts of water above the maximum 3.5 litre 


This product can be applied by trowel or with a gloved hand. All steel reinforcement bars that are exposed should be secured firmly prior to application to prevent any movement. If any slumping or sagging does occur the product should be totally removed and applied when the substrate is primed correctly and at a lower level of thickness.