• RIW Toughseal Solvent Free 5ltr Grey

RIW Toughseal Solvent Free 5ltr Grey

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£308.80 Ex Vat

RIW Toughseal Solvent Free 5ltr Grey

£308.80 Ex Vat


RIW Toughseal is a solvent free polymer modified two-pack epoxy coating, available in two colours. This product is generally used to protect against water and water vapour and as a membrane applied to surfaces. It is ideal for areas where really excellent adhesion is needed, along with resistance to abrasion or chemicals. This makes it fantastic for use in wet rooms, plant rooms and underneath floors with raised access. It has Class 1 fire rating and is also resistant to the effects of UV light. This product can be applied to concrete, steel or masonry.


  • Raised Access Floors
  • Ground Floor DPM
  • Plant rooms
  • Bunded areas
  • Swimming pools
  • Changing rooms
  • Shower / wet rooms

RIW Toughseal offers a variety of benefits, including:

- provides a barrier against water and water vapour
- it is abrasion-resistant
- has high adhesion to substrates
- it is resistant to chemicals
- Fire rating Class 1
- resistant to UV

Just so long as RIW Toughseal is used in a manner that complies with manufacturer guidelines it provides an effective barrier against water and water vapour for the entire life of any structure. The product acts as a barrier against water and water vapour and also protects against abrasion, carbon dioxide, fresh or salt water, dilute mineral acids and alkalis. When this product is used with a recommended aggregate it can be used to create a slip-resistant surface or waterproof key for tiles or renders. The product is also suitable for protecting steel or iron against rust and against concrete carbonation. 

Before use

Before applying this product all surfaces need to be clean and dry to a depth of between 1mm and 2mm. Any contaminant materials should be cleaned off and gaps or voids should be filled prior to application of Toughseal. Access the manufacturer guidelines for more details about applying to different surfaces (insert link https://www.riw.co.uk/uploads/downloads/RIW_TOUGHSEALnew_Dec_2016.pdf). 


Toughseal should not be applied at temperatures below 5°C. The product should be applied in its original state and should not be thinned down. After stirring the base component thoroughly for about three minutes, add the hardener and mix well until the colour is consistent. The product should be applied straight after mixing, using a roller or stiff brush. Two coats are required. 

Toughseal should not be used when contact with drinking water systems is required. 

This product has been tested under the requirements of BS 476: Part 7: 1997 which relates to fire testing of building materials. It has been rated as Class 1.