• Sika Finishing Mortar 25kg

Sika Finishing Mortar 25kg

SKU: 003fm25

£20.66 Ex Vat

Sika Finishing Mortar 25kg

£20.66 Ex Vat


Sika® 1 Pre-Bagged Structural Waterproofing System mortars are pre-bagged kiln dried blends of specially graded aggregates and cements packaged in 4 grades at the appropriate mix ratios for optimum application performance and durability.

When mixed with the diluted Sika® 1 liquid waterproofing admixture they provide the multicoat components for the structural waterproofing systems.

Silicone 825 Magnolia is ideal for joint sealing in areas which are vulnerable to energy loss, while also being able to prevent water damage which can require expensive repairs. If you want to keep out small insects which can enter a property through joints and cracks, use Silicone 825 Magnolia to fill unwanted gaps in outside walls. For making gap seals between two parts which have an unavoidable degree of movement, Silicone 825 Magnolia can also be ideal.

There are a wide range of applications which you can utilise Silicone 825 Magnolia for. A key benefit is its ability to remain elasticated following curing, which promotes a long life expectancy. Silicone 825 Magnolia is recognised for staying in shape and not shrinking, as well as retaining its colour over a period of time. You can also expect it to offer waterproof properties which are important for use on the outside of a property. Silicone 825 Magnolia can resist the majority of solvents and chemicals, and is non-toxic following curing.



  • Internal waterproofing of below ground structures to meet the requirements of BS8102 – 2009 Grades 1 - 3.
  • Waterproofing of swimming pools and other water retaining structures.
  • Waterproofing of basements, cellars and vaults.
  • Waterproofing of tunnels.



just one or two areas with ineffective sealing could have a large impact on energy costs. Silicone 825 Magnolia is specially designed to plug these 'weak spots', which will guarantee a more energy efficient home in the long run. What is the result of this? It all adds up to the opportunity to save on your monthly overheads, while giving you the chance to do your bit for the environment.