• Sika L2 High Flow 25kg

Sika L2 High Flow 25kg

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£12.24 Ex Vat

Sika L2 High Flow 25kg

£12.24 Ex Vat


Sika® Armorex® L2 High Flow is a one part, high flow, rapid strength cementitious grout. It meets the requirements of BS EN 1504-6 and benefits include:

▪ Very high strength

▪ Shrinkage compensation

▪ Offers high flowability retention

▪ Non-metallic

▪ Durable

▪ Long track record of success

▪ This is a quality assured factory blend that is chloride free

▪ >40 N/mm2 in 24 hours

This grout is suitable for high volume placement and should be applied continuously from a hopper unit. 

The product contains cement, special additives, aggregates and selected fillers and is a grey powder supplied in 25kg bags. When stored correctly this product has a shelf life of nine months and should be kept unopened, in its original packaging.

One 25kg bag of Sika 12 high flow provides 13.5 litres of wet grout. Grout should be applied with a minimum thickness of 10mm and maximum of 100mm. 

When applying to stone, concrete or mortar the surfaces should be cleaned and free from oil or grease or any other contaminants. 

Substrates should be prepared mechanically using high-pressure water jets, blast cleaners or scrabblers. Concrete substrate should be soaked with clean water for between two to six hours so that a saturated surface is available.

All excess water should be removed prior to pouring this product. 

Use the appropriate amounts of clean water to mix the required consistency of grout. Pourable consistency requires 3.75 litres per 25kg bag, while flowable consistency needs 4.25 litres of clean water. If you need a fluid consistency, add 4.75 litres of water to every 25kg of product.

Add water to the grout mixer first and then slowly add in the Sika high flow and mix for at least three minutes to a consistency that is uniform and does not contain any lumps. A slow speed drill and helical mixer can also be used to mix this product. 

After application, the grout should be cured and edges should be trimmed while the concrete is still green. In colder weather use heat blankets to maintain constant levels of heat. 


  • For precision, high performance, grouting underneath machine bases, structural steelwork, etc.
  • For grouting precast concrete units and anchor bars.
  • Repairing concrete structures.
  • Filling voids.
  • For grouting thicknesses between 10 -100 mm.
  • Steel reinforcement anchoring.

Grout pumps are recommended for applying large volumes of this product. After mixing the grout should be poured into a hopper and applied to the surface area.

All tools and application equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after application of Sika L2 high flow, as hardened grout can only be removed with mechanical tools. 

The manufacturer has placed the following limitations on the use of this product:

- excessive water should not be used
- the product is unsuited for patch repair jobs
- should not be used with vibrating pokers
- should only be applied to a clean and sound substrate
- should not be applied when there are risks of frost
- when using the grout should be pumped or poured from just one side
- exposed surfaces should be kept to a minimum