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  • Sika MonoTop 615 25kg

Sika MonoTop 615 25kg

SKU: 003mt61525

£36.42 Ex Vat

Sika MonoTop 615 25kg

£36.42 Ex Vat


Sika MonoTop®-615 is a one component cement based polymer modified high build repair and reprofiling mortar, meeting the requirements of Class R3 of BS

Benefits of this product include:

- pre bagged for highest quality
- just need to add water
- can be wet sprayed
- contains no chloride
- low levels of wastage

The product meets all requirements of classification BS EN 1504-3 R3.

Sika monotop 615 is a grey powder which is supplied in 25 kg bags. The mix consists of Portland cement, selected aggregates, polymer redispersable powder, and additives. Bags should be stored in cool, dry conditions and have a maximum shelf life of nine months.


This product can be mixed with a force action mixer if it is to be applied by machine or with a low-speed hand drill mixer if it is to be applied by hand. If you're applying a very small amount, you can also mix this product by hand. You should pour the required amount of water into a mixing container and then add the powder while stirring and mixing the product thoroughly for a minimum of three minutes. Additional water can be added to reach the required consistency. 

When used as a repair mortar, this product can be applied by hand or using wet spray techniques. The substrate should be wet thoroughly for two hours before the application and should be kept wet and not allowed to dry out. Before applying Sika monotop 615 remove any excess water with a sponge or cloth. A scratch coat should be applied when adding this product manually. When vertical applications are required, these should be built up in layers from the bottom upwards. Use a float to finish the surface to required textures. Too much trowelling can cause surface cracking. 


- For repairing all types of structures.
- Overhead and vertical repairs.
- Hand applied repairs.
- Spray applied repairs.
- For exterior and interior use.
- In place of R1& R2 mortars.

This product is part of a comprehensive range of Sika mortars, all of which comply with European Standard EN 1504.

The product should be mixed with clean water to the following ratio:

- for wet Spray applications, add 2.5 to 3.5 litres of water per 25 kg of powder
- when applying by hand, use 2.5 to 2.7 litres of water per 25kg. 

When applying to concrete substrates, ensure the surface is thoroughly cleaned and free of any dust or surface contaminants. Where concrete is to be removed, the edges should be cut to at least 90 degrees to avoid any undercutting and a maximum of 135 degrees to reduce any debonding. Consult manufacturer guidelines if you are applying to steel.