• Sika Render Mortar 25kg

Sika Render Mortar 25kg

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£20.66 Ex Vat

Sika Render Mortar 25kg

£20.66 Ex Vat


Sika® 1 Pre-Bagged Structural Waterproofing System mortars are pre-bagged kiln
dried blends of specially graded aggregates and cements packaged in 4 grades at
the appropriate mix ratios for optimum application performance and durability.

When mixed with the diluted Sika® 1 liquid waterproofing admixture they provide
the multicoat components for the structural waterproofing systems.

The entire range of waterproofing render system products from Sika has been used successfully for new build constructions and refurbishment projects globally. The product was first invented in 1910 and used to waterproof the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland. 

Just some of the uses for this product include:

- Internal waterproofing of below ground structures to meet the requirements of BS8102 – 2009 Grades 1 - 3.
- Waterproofing of swimming pools and other water retaining structures.
- Waterproofing of basements, cellars and vaults.
- Waterproofing of tunnels.

Sika Render Mortar offers a variety of valuable benefits, including

- No ongoing maintenance
- Once it's applied there is no need for drainage products of any kind or water pumping equipment
- Withstands high water pressures
- Bonds to substrates
- Extremely hard-wearing 
- Will follow the contours of any structure
- 100-year history of success
- Used to meet Grades 1-3 as recommended in BS 8102-2009
- Suitable for high water tables, as per BS 8102-2009
- Has drinking water inspectorate approval, reference 56.4.94
- Approved by BBA 
- Sika guarantee available when fitted by registered contractors

The directions for mixing are:

- Firstly add the gauging mix to the mixer. A tumble mixer is unsuitable for mixing this product
- Add the mortar and mix for at least three minutes, until all gauging mixture is fully dispersed

The render mortar should be applied using a trowel at least four hours after the first coat has dried. A coved trowel needs to be used on internal corners. If an additional coat is required it should be applied the following day.

This product should be mixed with the waterproofing mixture for all structural waterproofing solutions. The system can be used for below ground structures, swimming pools, and tunnels. 

Unopened bags of Sika Render Mortar can be stored in dry conditions for up to six months. The render mortar has a mixed wet density of approximately 2,220 kg/m3. 

Sika Render Mortar should be applied as one part of the entire waterproofing system which consists of:

- One coat of spritz and bonding coat mortar which should be applied at a minimum of 6mm thickness
- One coat of render mortar at 6mm
- One coat of finish mortar at 6mm

If needed, additional coats of render mortar can be applied.

One 25kg bag of render mortar will cover around two square metres when applied at a thickness of 6mm.