• Sika Spritz and Bonding Mortar 25kg

Sika Spritz and Bonding Mortar 25kg

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£20.65 Ex Vat

Sika Spritz and Bonding Mortar 25kg

£20.65 Ex Vat

Sika Spritz and Bonding Mortar is part of the Sika Waterproofing range and should be used in combination with all other products in the line. Structural waterproof render Sika-1 mortars are pre-batched kiln dried blends of specially graded aggregates and cements packaged in 4 grades at the appropriate mix ratios for optimum application performance and durability.
Sika-1 Spritz & Bonding Mortar is a factory proportioned, pre-bagged powder component for mixing with Sika 1 Liquid and water as the gauging liquid to produce the first ‘Spritz’ or ‘Bonding’ Coat of the Sika-1 Waterproof Tanking System.
  • Part 1 of the Sika-1® Structural Waterproofing System.
  • Internal waterproof tanking.


This product is one component of the Sika-1 Structural Waterproofing System. Some benefits of use include:

- Economical and low levels of waste
- Can be used on brick, stone or concrete
- Ideal for use internally and externally
- The product can be coated, overplastered or decorated
- This is a complete standalone waterproofing system which protects against ground water pressure
- All packs are colour coded for ease of use
- Supplied in 25kg bags which are yellow in colour and feature a red band

When applying Sika Spritz and Bonding Mortar, follow these manufacturer guidelines:

1. Just before applying, the substrate should be soaked using clean water and all standing water or puddles should be cleared prior to application.

2. This product is the first coat that should be used as part of the Sika Waterproofing system and should be applied as a 6mm deep spritz coat in a vigorous manner over the entire surface. The surface should be left to harden for at least four or five hours.

3. The second application should be Sika Render Mortar which needs applying by trowel at a depth of 6mm.

4. Before applying a third coat, a spatter mix of this product or of bonding mortar should be applied to act as a key.

5. The third coat is Sika Finishing Mortar which should be applied to a depth of 6mm using a trowel, then finished with a wood flat to achieve a smooth surface.

For curing this product, the work area should be kept moist for at least seven days after the final coat in order reduce any cracking and prevent the surface drying out. At this stage it is important to prevent any sudden change to humidity or temperature levels.