• SikaGrout 111 25kg

SikaGrout 111 25kg

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£8.44 Ex Vat

SikaGrout 111 25kg

£8.44 Ex Vat


SikaGrout® 111 GP is a one part flowable shrinkage compensated general purpose cementitious grout, with a wide range of interior and exterior applications and uses.

SikaGrout® 111 GP meets the requirements of BS EN 1504-6. BS EN 1504-6 species the requirements for the performance, durability and safety of products used to anchor steel reinforcing bars (rebar). It can be used for structural strengthening, ensuring the integrity of reinforced concrete structures. 

It is ideal for filling cavities, voids, gaps and recesses. It can be used for sealing around penetrations, under stanchion plates, machine and base plates, and post fixings. It is also used for general purpose grouting projects that require cementitious grout.

SilkaGrout® 111 GP can be ready to use in just three minutes. It comes as an easy to use, ready to mix powder. Just add water with a 1:6.25 water to powder ratio and mix for three-minutes in a forced action grout mixer or clean drum. (Alternatively, you can use a spiral paddle mixer and a slow speed (200-500 rpm) drill to achieve the same consistency.) The mixed cementitious grout is then ready to apply. Its fast mixing formula means that you can begin work within minutes of opening the packet.

One bag is equal to approximately 13 litres of mortar, depending on the substrate roughness and the thickness of the layer applied. 


  • General purpose grouting
  • Under stanchion plates
  • Filling cavities, voids, gaps and recesses
  • Sealing around penetrations
  • Machine & base plates
  • Post fixings
  • For exterior and interior use

The grout can be pumped or poured, making it extremely easy to apply to a wide range of challenging gaps, holes and splits. Just pump or pour the grout into the header box/hopper, ensuring a continuous flow - if necessary using steel banding or chains to achieve an even coverage. The flowable, shrinkage compensated formula ensures that cavities are filled effectively by the grout.

When SilkaGrout® 111 GP is used for shutter/formwork, Silkaflex ® -11FC+ sealant can be used to seal beneath and around formwork and between the joints. Once the grout has hardened but while the concrete is still green, formwork should be removed and the edges trimmed. Exposed grout surfaces should then be cured using, for example, a moist geo-textile membrane, hessian, polythene sheet, or a curing compound such as Silkafloor® ProSeal.

Once dry and hardened, SilkaGrout® 111 GP’s fire rating and protection properties are comparable to concrete and it has a high compressive strength gain. This makes it the ideal grout for use with steel reinforcing bars (rebar) and other high-strength cementitious grout requirements.