• Silicone S50 White 310ml

Silicone S50 White 310ml

SKU: 027S50W310

£3.62 Ex Vat

Silicone S50 White 310ml

£3.62 Ex Vat


Everbuild Tecnic Silicone S50 is a mid modulus, heavy bodied acetoxy curing silicone sealant that contains a powerful anti-fungal compound to prevent mould and fungal growth in areas of high humidity.

The mid modulus nature of this formulation gives improved adhesion and flexibility when compared to standard high modulus sanitary grades. Tested to ISO8339 and ISO10590/10563.

Can be used for a number of purposes, including:

▪ for sealing the area around all types of baths or shower trays
▪ joint and corner sealings of ceramic tiles.
▪ around sanitary fittings in any municipal or domestic settings.
▪ any general sealing tasks in areas where high humidity is likely.
▪ for adhesive purposes when applying bath or shower trims.

This Silicone S50 white has a high viscosity formula so it's quick and easy to use, while its flexibility means it can accommodate movement levels of +/- 20%. It offers a waterproof seal and has an antifungal compound that prevents the growth of mould. 


This product offers great adhesion and flexibility and conforms to ISO 11600 F/G20LM standards. It is CE marked under regulation EN15651 for use on façades, glazing and sanitary applications. It is also certified for use in colder climates.

All substrates should be adequately prepared prior to application and need to be clean, dust-free and dry. Any loose surface coatings should be removed prior to application. Solvent cleaners should be used to clean any metal, glass or aluminium surfaces prior to application. There are certain surfaces that will require application of a primer prior to use, although most common surfaces can be treated without using a primer. 

This product has a curing time of 3 - 4mm per day and skin time of 15 minutes at 20˚C. It is supplied in a 310ml cartridge and is available in a range of colours. 

The following manufacturer limitations should be noted:

- this product should not be used in conjunction with asphalt or bitumen
- it should not be used in an aquarium
- it should never be used for trims that are anodized or chrome plated 
- the product should not be used on natural stone

All applications are the responsibility of the user, but Everbuild technical support team can offer advice or further support if needed.