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Structural Strengthening, Page 29

Structural Strengthening, Page 29

Structural Strengthening

Concrete structures undergo incredible pressures during their lifespans. As concrete deteriorates your structure may require repair or alteration to extend its life and add some much-needed durability. To combat age and aid in structural repairs we have sourced some of the world’s leading structural strengthening solutions. 

What is Structural Strengthening?

Materials used in construction degrade over time as a result of a chemical attack, water ingress, extreme weather conditions, and even general use. Concerns can also come from load weight and existing geometry. This is especially the case in older projects requiring repairs and upgrades. 

Before carrying out any work everything should be checked for failure. Repairing work without considering its knock-on effects can undermine the strength of your structure and potentially lead to shear failure. 

This process is even more important when you consider that if you repair one critical part of your structure, the stress may move to a different critical part. To avoid this constant catch up assess the damage and determine exactly where strengthening is needed to avoid any more delays. 


How do structures fail


There are several ways concrete structures can fail. Time, weather and human impact are just a few of the examples. Damage can also be caused by:


  • Fire damage
  • Corrosion of steel reinforcement
  • Vehicle impact
  • Higher live loads
  • Increased traffic
  • Heavy machinery
  • Vibrations from installations
  • Crack repair and reduction
  • Ageing components
  • Modified structures undermining walls, columns etc.
  • Human errors


Whether you need to increase the load-carrying capacity of your existing structure or want to add strengthening systems to new concrete beams, we have the solution for you.

Wall bolts, helibars, window frame fixes and more. Our wide range of strengthening techniques are designed to increase load-bearing capacity and aid in the strengthening of concrete by incorporating carbon fibre, steel, and fibre reinforced products.


We also stock a selection of ancillaries to speed up application and improve project completion time. Our products can be used in several areas including overhead projects, load-bearing weights, and areas requiring specialised weather treatments.

About Resapol

With a variety of structural strengthening products available, we have the perfect product to fit any reinforced concrete, steel or composite system.

We work with a variety of leading brands including Sika, Renderoc, RBS, Five Star and Natcem. These connections allow us to offer the latest in strengthening technology. Our products meet stringent building regulations and can be used in a wide variety of applications and industries.

We hold ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditations from LRQA. We are also members of the Concrete Repair Association, Sprayed Concrete Association and The Structural Concrete Alliance. Our working relationships with these bodies allow us to share knowledge, training and expertise with each other and improve the industry.

As members of the Concrete Repair Association, Structural Concrete Alliance and Spray Concrete association we are leaders of the latest industry developments, sharing knowledge with the sectors leading manufacturers and users. As one of the UK's leading independent suppliers of construction chemicals, we offer impartial technical knowledge backed by leading bodies. 

Along with our expertise, our reliable logistics and quick turnaround times mean we can reach any construction site in record time. With over 9000 products across a nationwide web of depots, we are perfectly positioned to service the construction industry.

Resapol is an industry-leading construction chemicals distributor. Contact us now to find out more about our structural strengthening products.