• Tuffbed 2-Pack 25kg

Tuffbed 2-Pack 25kg

SKU: 079tb2p

£17.62 Ex Vat

Tuffbed 2-Pack 25kg

£17.62 Ex Vat


SteinTec tuffbed® 2-pack is a high performance, naturally pure hydraulically bonding mortar. Bedding depths of between 20 mm to 70 mm may be placed in a single layer. Greater depths may be accommodated by placing successive layers of SteinTec tuffbed® 2-pack as a screed bed.

SteinTec tuffbed® 2-pack is shrinkage compensated, reducing the risks of failure associated with building permanent stress into new pavement structures, the inevitable result of excessive shrinkage.

The Elastic Modulus of SteinTec tuffbed® 2-pack is optimised to provide the correct supporting stiffness whilst continually absorbing the thermal and dynamic stresses inherent in all pavement structures. tuffbed® 2-pack complies with or exceeds the performance requirements of BS7533-7 & BS7533-12.

A special tuffgrit aggregate blend is mixed with high-performance mortar which is additive free to form this Tuffbed 2 Pack. It is completely natural and polymer free.

With Tuffbed 2 Pack, you get a natural bedding mortar system which also offers the benefit of being more environmentally friendly thanks to a low carbon footprint. In an age in which companies are under pressure to show that they are doing their bit for the planet, investing in Tuffbed 2 Pack can represent another way to meet some of the obligations of corporate social responsibility policies.

How does Tuffbed 2 Pack work? Much of the high performance of the product owes itself to the structure of the tuffgrit aggregate used. This structure is interlocking and totally unique. It all goes towards a high level of overall strength, as well as optimal performance in terms of elasticity and flexibility.

If your projects involve a requirement to meet the BS7533 Standards for modular paving, then Tuffbed 2 Pack could certainly represent a savvy investment, providing you with just what you need. It can also help you to meet the BS7533 stipulation of allowing water to pass through, and ticks the box when it comes to being frost proof. Those are some of the characteristics which make Tuffbed 2 Pack stand out from some of its competing products.

It is possible to lay Tuffbed 2 Pack to a depth of 70mm in a single layer.