• Tuffbond 25kg ( Pink Bag )

Tuffbond 25kg ( Pink Bag )

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£23.76 Ex Vat

Tuffbond 25kg ( Pink Bag )

£23.76 Ex Vat


tuffbond® is a high performance bonding and priming mortar which requires only the addition of water. tuffbond® is designed for natural stone and precast concrete paving slabs and setts laid in all traffic conditions tuffbond® enhances the adhesion bond between bedding mortars and both paving elements and supporting layers/structures.

A layer of between 1 mm to 2 mm thickness ensures the fullest possible contact with the aggregate particles within the bedding mortar, transferring tensile forces via the very high adhesion bond without compromising the performance characteristics of the bedding mortar layer.

Small paving elements may be dipped into a shallow tray of the liquid mortar mix. Large paving elements and supporting concrete structures / roadbase may be coated using a brush. SteinTec tuffbond® complies with or exceeds the performance requirements of BS7533-7 & BS7533-12.


Packed in 25kg bags, Tuffbond has a normal shelf life of up to six months but can last longer if kept in a moisture-free environment. Keep its packaging unopened and undamaged for maximum preservation if you are not planning to use it any time soon. Also, this priming mortar has a working temperature range of 2°C to 30°C, with a working life of up to 60 minutes at 20°C. Ensure you prepare an amount that will be exhausted within this time frame to avoid unnecessary wastage of the mortar.

Tuffbond priming mortar, though sometimes overlooked, is an essential component in modern pavement engineering. Thanks to the strong adhesive qualities, this mortar ensures strong bonding between each pave and the bedding layer below them. If you are looking to bond a concrete base to the bedding layer, you will need to prepare the surface with a layer of the priming mortar before applying it to the bedding.

The product’s full compliance with the BS 7533-12 requirement is an assurance of the integrity of the final building project. For this reason. This priming mortar has become an essential requirement for heavy traffic pavements. You can use it in conjunction with Tuffbed or Tufftop to enhance the success of your pavement construction.

If you will be applying this mortar to the base before the bedding mortar, be sure to clear any loose debris before mixing the primer. Clean and wipe the pavers with a damp sponge to get rid of any material that could interfere with the adhesion process.

To prepare this priming mortar, pour the 25kg bag into a bucket and add about 5 litres of water. Use a cordless mixing paddle to stir the contents thoroughly until you achieve a thick smooth paste. If you need the primer for small areas, you can mix up smaller quantities. The mortar has a limited working life, so you have to stir it once or twice periodically, especially after application to each paver. You may also need to add a little water to refresh the thick paste but always ensure that the primer remains in the form of a smooth paste before you use it.