• Tufftop Natural Grey 25kg

Tufftop Natural Grey 25kg

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£20.31 Ex Vat

Tufftop Natural Grey 25kg

£20.31 Ex Vat


Steintec’s tufftop is a high-performance jointing mortar suitable for all types of natural stone and modular paving.

Thoroughly mixed with a high water content, tufftop becomes a plastic, free-flowing slurry grout which is easy to work with and makes pavement surface cleaning very straightforward.

Its natural ingredients prevent the shrinkage problems associated with the polymer additives used by other manufacturers, and with its optimum elastic modulus, high performance that’s achieved without compromise.

Tufftop’s all-round proven quality, ease of use and good economy are unrivalled.


Tufftop Natural Grey is a high-performance product which bonds hydraulically. It doesn't contain any polymer or resin additives, and the addition of water is the only requirement to get it working. It will permeate even the most irregular of joints and cavities to fill joint widths as small as 3mm. Any surplus water applied to the product is displaced naturally, and there will be a rapid thickening of the mortar before the commencement of curing.

Tufftop Natural Grey jointing mortar compensates naturally for shrinkage, which reduces the risk of failure as a consequence of building constant stress in bound paving (this is an inevitable result of unwarranted shrinking, most frequently caused by resin and polymer additives).

The Tufftop elastic modulus is optimised for the provision of adequate supporting stiffness without compromising the absorption of thermal and dynamic stresses that are inherent in bound pavements. The mortar is compliant with the performance regulations of British Standards BS7533-7 and BS7533-12 for Modular Paving.


Tufftop Natural Grey should be stored in dry conditions. Mortar lasts longer when it isn't exposed to moisture, and as long as the product remains in a dry powder form, it is fit for use. If these basic guidelines are adhered to, the storage life of the joining mortar is six months.


When you use it, Tufftop Natural Grey should be mixed in a large plastic mixing bucket or bin. It will require the use of a high-powered spiral mixing paddle. An electric dual paddle mixer would be even better. If neither of these things is available, use a paddle mixer with a forced action. In any case, you must ensure the grout gets mixed thoroughly with water until a smooth blend is achieved with no lumps - then it is ready for use.

Tufftop is supplied dry and pre-mixed, packaged in moisture-resistant bags to help maximise storage life. This is the natural grey variant; it also comes in dark grey, mid-grey and beige.

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