• weberend OCRT 25kg

weberend OCRT 25kg

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£21.84 Ex Vat

weberend OCRT 25kg

£21.84 Ex Vat


A lime free one coat render for tiling onto moderate/strong backgrounds.

weberend OCRT is a basecoat render, designed to be used in conjunction with the decorative finishes from Weber. It avoids the drying time issues that come up with multi-coat render systems as it can be applied in a single coat. Nevertheless, it yields results that are equivalent to what you get with a traditional two-coat render.

weberend OCRT is a sand and stipple cement that is supplied premixed, incorporating a polymer bonding aid. This makes it suitable for application to the majority of suitably prepared substrates such as:

  • brickwork
  • blockwork
  • concrete

With weberend OCRT you get a superb background for any Weber decorative finish, as well as masonry paints and other types of surface coating.



The render is resistant to external water penetration, resulting in excellent weather resistance and durability, without preventing the structure from breathing. It gives the finished appearance of traditional cement or sand render, but gets there in significantly less time. The factory production has a strict quality control process, meaning the consistency is assured and you are guaranteed a great product. And the material is non-combustible for a safe environment.


Key considerations

weberend OCRT should not be applied to gypsum plaster or any previously painted surface. If you plan to render onto brick, seek advice beforehand. Damp or wet conditions can compromise the integrity of the finish, as can frost, so do not apply when these conditions are present. And ensure you apply in temperatures between 5°C and 30°C for best results.


  • An excellent background for all Weber finishes
  • Simply mix with water
  • Factory batched mix proportions

The technical bit

It is essential that the correct grade of render is selected for the substrate and application method. It is highly recommended that you refer to the relevant standards prior to selecting the appropriate grade to get the best results.


Weberrend OCRT is BS 5385 specified moderate or strong lime-free render.

Resapol is committed to supplying only the highest quality construction chemicals for UK tradesmen. We work with established, reputable product ranges to ensure our customers get the best products for their work. If you have any questions about Weberrend OCRT, you can call us on 01942 609 001 and one of our depot staff can help you with their technical knowledge and expertise.

This render can speed up the tiling process with its one-coat application and can be a great solution when deadlines are hanging over your head.