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  • weberfloor 4310 fibre flow grey 25kg

weberfloor 4310 fibre flow grey 25kg

SKU: 001F4310FF

£17.93 Ex Vat

weberfloor 4310 fibre flow grey 25kg

£17.93 Ex Vat


weberfloor 4310 fibre flow is a pump-applied, fibre-modified floor screed formulated from special cements, aggregates, supplementary binders and chemical admixtures. It is supplied as a pre-blended dry powder designed for application at a thickness of between 5 – 50 mm. The product is casein-free.

It's self-smoothing and can be used for levelling concrete, existing tiles, sand and cement screeds, bitumen insulation boards, and anhydrite screeds. You can also cover it with timber laminate or tiles.

weberfloor 4310 fibre flow is designed for the renovation of existing floors and floating floor construction in domestic and commercial applications. The levelled floor can be covered with ceramics, terrazzo, PVC, linoleum etc.

This base is appropriate for both residential and commercial properties. Under normal conditions, light foot traffic is appropriate after about three hours. You can add tiling after 24 hours and the final floor covering other than tiles after one to three weeks. It all depends on the drying conditions and thickness of the layers, but if unsure allow extra time to be safe.

For levelling:

  • Concrete.
  • Lightweight concrete.
  • Wooden boards.
  • Under-floor heating/warming.
  • Existing tiles.

Suitable for covering with:

  • Tiling.
  • Carpeting.
  • Flexible floor coverings.
  • Parquet flooring.

Advantages of using weberfloor 4310 fibre flow

- Compatible with almost all floor finishes and adhesives
- Can safely receive foot traffic after about two to four hours of drying time at 20 degrees Celsius
- Manufactured under BSI quality Assurance Scheme ISO 9001
- Durable because it is fibre-modified
- Low emissions
- Excellent spreading and smoothing properties
- Low alkalinity
- Constricts when using weberfloor 4310 fibre flow

The underlay is not appropriate for use on damp floors. You should not use it on unstable floors, floors with rising damp, or exterior floors.

It has cement included in the mixture, which can be irritating to the skin or eyes especially when wet. It should, therefore, be handled with care and all equipment used in its application should be cleaned or disposed of carefully.


The process of preparation and priming

Before application, you need to ensure that the substrate is completely clean. Clean it to remove any traces of grease, dust, and any other impurities. If it is not clean, it may make adhesion difficult. If there are any leaks, fill them in preparation. Use the appropriate primer on your substrate to improve adhesion and prevent the formation of air bubbles. 

Even though it is important to close the windows and doors in your working area, you should have a little ventilation. Keep the doors and windows closed during application and for an average of one week backwards. Maintain the right levels of humidity and temperature. The humidity should be <95% and the temperatures should be at least ten degrees Celsius but not more than 25 degrees Celsius. Pump in small sectors to maintain a wet edge and to make the process faster. Do not paint weberfloor 4310 or use it in the absence of a floor finish. 

Like all chemicals, it is important to store and handle it while taking appropriate precautions.