• weberfloor flex 25kg

weberfloor flex 25kg

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£21.31 Ex Vat

weberfloor flex 25kg

£21.31 Ex Vat


High-performance, fibre-modified, self-smoothing, self-levelling renovation screed (up to 50 mm).

 The screed is used for correcting irregularities on challenging surfaces such as wood and interior flooring. It is particularly useful for substrates that are subject to movement, such as underfloor heating.


When you are using Weberfloor Flex Grey for levelling, there is a range of surfaces it can be applied to. It is suitable for application up to a depth of 50mm on to the following:

  • cement
  • floors with under-floor heating
  • pre-cast elements
  • concrete slabs
  • wooden flooring
  • existing ceramic tiles
  • existing plastic tiles
  • floating flooring

For the purposes of covering, Weberfloor Flex Grey is suitable for use with flexible floor coverings, parquet flooring, tiling and even certain floor paints.

The screed is not appropriate for use on exterior flooring. It also isn't suitable for any flooring that suffers from rising damp, and should not be applied in industrial environments. It doesn't function as a wearing surface either.



Weberfloor Flex Grey is extra flexible, which is why it is so effective for substrates that are subject to movement or expansion. Furthermore, the low dust technology reduces the release of dust during the mixing process, making for a safer and more pleasant working environment. It is a rapid-setting screed, suitable for light foot traffic or the application of tiling after just 1-2 hours. A 25kg bag can produce coverage of 1.5m² when applied at a thickness of 10mm, and the product is eligible for Weber Rewards points for the regular customer.

For levelling:

  • Cement screeds, concrete slabs and pre-cast elements
  • Floors with under-floor heating or under-tile warming
  • Wooden flooring (plywood and particle board panels)
  • Existing ceramic and rigid plastic tiles
  • Floating floors

Suitable for covering with:

  • Tiling
  • Flexible floor coverings
  • Parquet flooring
  • Certain floor paints

In situations that will be very humid, such as bathrooms, webersys protect tanking system may be applied over weberfloor flex.


When using Weberfloor Flex Grey, it is advisable to prime surfaces with Weber PR360 to improve adhesion, minimise air bubbles, and improve the overall flow of the screed. Weberfloor 4945 Fibre Mesh is also recommended to reinforce the screed in critical areas. Fix the mesh to the substrate to prevent it from rising up during the application process.

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This high-performance renovation screed will yield a smooth, level surface to touch up challenging surfaces for a quality finish every time.